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Tried and True by Charlie Cochet by Mark Westfield (audio review)

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Charlie Cochet is the international bestselling author of the THIRDS series. Born in Cuba and raised in the US, Charlie enjoys the best of both worlds, from her daily Cuban latte to her passion for classic rock.

Currently residing in Central Florida, Charlie is at the beck and call of a rascally Doxiepoo bent on world domination. When she isn’t writing, she can usually be found devouring a book, releasing her creativity through art, or binge watching a new TV series. She runs on coffee, thrives on music, and loves to hear from readers.
Website: http://www.charliecochet.com
THIRDS HQ: http://www.thirdshq.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/charliecochet
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/charliecochet
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March 02, 2018
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10 hours 40 minutes
When THIRDS agent Dexter J. Daley met Team Leader Sloane Brodie, he couldn’t have imagined how slamming into his new partner—literally—would shake both their worlds. Now four years later, they’ve faced dangers, fought battles both personal and professional… and fallen deeply in love. Now their big moment is finally in sight, and they’re ready to stand up together and make it official. Unfortunately, as the countdown to their big day begins, an enemy declares war on the THIRDS….

With their family in danger, Dex and Sloane are put to the test on how far into darkness they’ll walk to save those they love. As secrets are unearthed, a deadly betrayal is revealed, and Dex and Sloane must call on their Destructive Delta family for one last hurrah to put an end to the secret organization responsible for so much devastation.

Dex and Sloane will have plenty of bullets to dodge on the way to the altar, but with happiness within their grasp, they are determined to get there come hell or high water…. 

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Tried and True
Tried and True is the tenth and final novel in Charlie Cochet’s THIRDS series. There is also a novella (Gummy Bears and Grenades) between the ninth and tenth novels. This series will lead to a spin off series, as the main characters move to international law enforcement as part of the undercover agency TIN. It could be likened to moving from the FBI to the CIA and, based on the THIRDS series, promises to be an action packed, funny and highly addictive new series. 

When Dex Daley first joined THIRDS, in book one of this series, it would be hard to imagine a more inauspicious beginning. His unique brand of crazy was at first grating on team leader Sloane Brody and the entire Destructive Delta team. They were in mourning for a lost partner, and the heart of the team had been broken. Dex was relentless in his determination to bring fun and joy back to this broken team and they were ultimately helpless to resist his charm. Over the course of the series, this eclectic group of men and women have fought evil and bigotry as one. There is no divide between the humans and their Therian partners and they fight as one to defeat those who would try to destroy them and a harmonious society. 

In Tried and True we find our main protagonists, Dex and Sloane, excited and very ready to marry and move forward with their lives together. In true Dex style, there will be hijinks, mishaps, karaoke and, of course, guaranteed drama. There has been at least one mole in THIRDS since it was first formed and, through the course of the series, Destructive Delta, and the other members of THIRDS, have been bringing them and their minions down, one man at a time. In Tried and True we find out the identity of ‘The Chairman’ and all the teams at THIRDS will need to combine their strength if they are to have any chance of finally catching and defeating him. Naturally, this all comes to a head just as our gorgeous protagonists are preparing for their wedding and departure from THIRDS. Nothing is as it seems and betrayal in their ranks will bring heartache before this series’ stunning resolution and conclusion. 

The THIRDS series is extraordinary beautifully written. The world building and characters are some of the best I’ve ever read. Listening to this book, and series, in audiobook format is a whole other level of awesome. Mark Westfield makes the characters come alive and his voice characterisations are spot on to my ear. There are standouts of course. I love the way he bought Dex, and his unique brand of fun/crazy, to life, Sloane is quietly authoritative and sexy and Ash is just perfect with his barbs, gruffness and underlining loyalty and love for his friends. I loved every character’s voice and the only thing I found slightly less than perfect was his story narrator voice. To my ear, it was a little robotic. This may have been a deliberate choice given the storyline, however, and other listeners may not have the same issue. It was a minor flaw for me, and once I’d become completely absorbed in listening I forgot everything but the world I was immersed in. 

This audiobook, like all the others in the series, is superb. It will draw you in and have you completely riveted from beginning to end. There is laughter, tears, and edge of your seat action that will take you away from the real world for the entirety of the story. One burnt dinner and a ‘lost’ day should attest to Tried and True’s excellence. This is an audiobook series I’m very happy to own in its entirety and one I know I will be relistening to many times in future. Highly recommended.

Story 5 stars
Narration 4.5 stars
Overall 5 stars
Top 10 Reviewer 85 reviews
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