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Tricks by Rick R. Reed

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Tricks can mean many things: sex partners, deceptions, even magic. In Rick R Reeds searing love story it means all three.

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A Real Page Turner!
(Updated: October 10, 2015)
This book is written in two parts, and two more different parts you couldn't get. Part one, despite learning of Arliss's abusive past, is a fairly gentle tale of two very different men meeting and falling for each other. The MCs are well written, very distinctive personalities, allowing you to connect with them easily. They shouldn't work as a couple...but they do. Part two becomes quite dark, both in the storyline and the relationship. When the opportunity arises for Arliss to break into the world of porn, he is eager to grab it with both hands, causing a potentially irreparable rift between himself and Sean. The opportunity is not what it seems! The secondary characters in this part of the story are nothing short of nasty, if a little under-developed. Josh, one of the producers, seems to have a story all his own, but we don't learn enough to get any real understanding of what drives him. Despite having a past that meant he had to grow up too fast, Arliss's youth and naivety play a major part in the mess he finds himself in and it is Sean's love for him that comes to the rescue.
This book is most definitely a page turner, despite being a little predictable. Its a 'love wins' tale, with a dark side, that is well worth a read.
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