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Trey Pearson releases lyric video for “The Good Grief”

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Openly gay artist Trey Pearson has released a lyric video for his new song “The Good Grief,” which is about both the joy and pain that came with his coming out.

The track is off of Trey’s upcoming debut solo pop album Love Is Love, which will be released on November 17. The track is available for pre-order

Of “The Good Grief,” Trey says: “This song was inspired by a friend of mine, an author named Rob Bell. His podcast, ‘The Rodcast,’ had an episode called ‘The Good Grief’ in which he talks about how any time you change ‘seasons’ in life, even when it is the best thing for you, there will be something you are leaving behind that needs to be grieved. It could be anything from which your life will never be the same – getting married, watching your child graduate – in my case, it was coming out of the closet to myself and my family. It’s the best, most freeing thing I have ever experienced… but it also hasn’t been without loss, and pain. Pain over things I had missed out on in life because I hadn’t accepted myself sooner, and pain in knowing there were people in my life that I was losing because of this. Even so, it was the only way forward to finding true hope, freedom and living life to the fullest. There’s a beauty that came from deep within that pain, and that is called ‘The Good Grief.'”

Trey Pearson is the former frontman of the Christian rock band Everyday Sunday. Recently, Trey came out of the closet to make national news. His announcement started a national conversation with a television appearance on The View. It has been covered by The New York TimesBillboardCNN and more, as he became the #1 trending topic worldwide on Facebook. Trey cites his journey of coming out – from the initial pain to eventual freedom – as the inspiration that lead to the creation of his upcoming album.

With his band Everyday Sunday, Trey Pearson has sold hundreds of thousands of records, and amassed millions of streams. He has scored five #1 U.S. singles and twenty Top 10 hits. His song “Wake Up! Wake Up!” earned most-played Christian rock song of the year, and “Best Night of Our Lives” broke onto the coveted Billboard 200 chart. Pearson has toured in all 50 states and 20 countries.

Trey was nominated for a 2017 GLAAD Award for his appearance on the The View. He has been performing at Pride Festivals all around the country, with Kesha and Betty Who. He released his debut solo single, “Silver Horizon,” earlier this year.

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