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Trendy Joggers To Sport This Spring

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Jogger pants are great for people who are into casual wear and don’t believe in complicating their wardrobe. It is a stylish addition to your wardrobe, and you don’t need to compromise on the fashion quotient. Wearing body-hugging or tight clothes can be a bit problematic during spring or summer because the body needs to breathe and such clothes don’t allow that. The good news is that jogger pants are here to save the day. Read on to know more about how to style them to create the right look.

What are Jogger Pants?

Jogger pants are the cool cousin of track pants/sweatpants. This athleisure bottom is more modern and versatile than the regular sweatpants. You can wear jogger pants for any occasion, be it casual or formal. They look fabulous on any body type and help you stay relaxed throughout the day.

Let’s take a look at how you can style jogger pants for the spring and create some fresh and interesting outfit ideas.

Jogger pants with Denim Jacket

Jogger pants are currently in vogue and will remain in style for some time. You can’t go wrong with this look. All you require is a plain white or black T-shirt or a racerback or tank top to go with it. Layer it up with a denim jacket or even a checked shirt to add an edge to your outfit. You can accessorize the look with sunglasses or layered necklaces depending on your mood.

To add some color to your outfit, you can choose jogger pants in bold colors like red or yellow. It is an eternally safe idea to keep one article in your outfit subdued to keep a balance.

The distressed/ripped culture is not just limited to denim. You can experiment with this trend with jogger pants as well. It has opened up a new fashion front for people who can’t get enough of distressed lowers. It is best to keep your top simple and plain because the primary focus of the outfit should be the jogger pants. You can try on different clothing items to know what suits you best.

Jogger Pants with Crop Tops

The versatility of jogger pants is that you can team it with crop tops, off-shoulder tops or cold shoulder tops. One of the best ways to look stylish and chic is when you pair your jogger pants with a sports bra or crop top as they complement each other well and helps to accentuate the silhouette of your outfit. You can take the look up a notch by sporting ankle-length sneakers or boots.

Jogger Pants with A Lace Top

You can make your casual joggers look high street fashion just by wearing it with a lace top. The amalgamation is perfect for office wear during beautiful spring days. To complete the look, wear flats or stilettos as they both look great with jogger pants.

Jogger Pants For the Perfect Gym Look

Jogger pants are a hit among the gym goers as it is stretchable and comfortable – a combination every millennial vouch for. It is difficult to find good gym wear that fits all your needs. Additionally, you can directly go from gym to anywhere after working out without changing the outfit.

Monochrome Outfits.

Wearing a monochrome outfit is a total win-win situation for every fashionista. It is a classic street style look that helps you make a long-lasting impression and increases your chic quotient. Pair your joggers with the same colored top and tuck it in to create a well put together ensemble. To add an extra touch of oomph, curl your hair and throw on a cap and oversized bag complimented with dark lipstick.

The best part about styling jogger pants is that there is no one particular method to do it. Additionally, it is not a complicated bottom wear, and you don’t need to abide by any rules before wearing them. You can dress up according to the occasion or your mood.

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