Trendy Ideas to Transition Styles from Summer to Fall

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Now that autumn is almost here, it’s the best time to stylishly transition from summer to fall in everyone’s choices. Here are some trendy ideas to note.

If you have never been confident in your ability to choose stylish clothes, the changing of seasons is a great time to start experimenting and keeping up with trends. After all, new seasons are when big fashion houses and brands often churn out new collections-many of which came straight from the runway.

Now that autumn is upon us, now is the best time to slowly but stylishly transition from summer to fall in our sartorial choices. Here are some trendy ways to switch our fashion choices from summer to fall.

Explore layers

The simplest way you can transition from warmer months to autumn is by incorporating more layers. This may seem like obvious advice, but many people have to remember that layers don’t need to be utilitarian and keep you warm. They can add character and style to your outfits, too.

Now that it’s starting to get a bit cooler, consider adding a light cardigan to your summer dress or a women’s sports jacket along with your loungewear. You’d be surprised by how outerwear and a scarf can instantly transform your entire look.

Mind your accessories

While it’s true that some jewelry can be timeless and can look good no matter the season, you can also use accessories to celebrate the time of the year you’re in. Switch out your pastels and vibrant accessories for pieces that are more appropriate for the season-something like a warm-toned scarf and a pair of thick tights can also signal the start of the cooler months.

When choosing scarves, make sure to opt for materials that scream fall seasons, like wool and silk. APendletonblanket will also look stylish during a fun day at the beach.

Move from mini skirts to maxi ones

Just because it’s getting cooler, it doesn’t mean that you have to abandon your feminine sensibilities altogether. When we think of skirts or dresses, we often think of mini or midi skirts and maxi skirts as usually reserved for special occasions.

But once the seasons start changing from summer to fall, not only will maxi skirts and long dresses keep your legs warmer, but they can also make you feel more girly and dressed up. A motorcycle jacket or fitted blazer can instantly elevate the look, perfect for date nights or formal meetings. And with the right material, color, and print, a maxi skirt need not be reserved for a special occasion; it can be cute and casual, too.

Invest in quality blouses

There is no shortage of fantastic blouses, with many of them coming from different brands and having various styles. Statement sleeves, bow front, checkered patterns, embellished buttons, tailored button-down, and even bodysuits-you can choose from so many options, and they can look good with various types of jeans and skirts, too.

Choose the right color palette

You can make the easy transition through colors by choosing the following shades and tones:

  • Think Caribbean sunsets. Purples, deep oranges, darker blues, and everything in between. They still give off the feeling of summer, but not the height of it-like you’re winding down after a long dayatthebeachwhen the sun is about to set on the sea.
  • Opt for muted tones. You can still theoretically go for colors that are often associated with summer, like vibrant blue, green, red, and other primary colors, but choose their more muted and neutral counterparts.

Mind your choice of prints

Another thing you need to take note of is the kind of vibe your choice of prints will give off. You might still be able to get away with wearing floral dresses, but make sure that they skew a bit more cottagecore or prairie as opposed to a sundress. Here are some tips for ensuring your prints lean more autumn than summer:

  • Opt for smaller prints of dainty flowers instead of bigger, more visible ones.
  • Prairie or milkmaid dresses are all the rage these days, so opt for ones that are warmer and more muted in tone and color.
  • The rule of thumb is to go for more muted and toned-down prints for your blouses, dresses, or skirts.

The pandemic is not yet over, but it doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with our sartorial choices anymore. The changing of seasons is a reminder that we can start all over again with anything in our lives, so let your fashion choices reflect this change. Let summer end with a bang and welcome fall with open (and hopefully more stylish) arms.

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