Tremayne reveals powerful new single ‘Daddy issues’ ft Backxwash & Charlie Noiir

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Following closely behind his explosive returning single ‘Total Fucking Darkness’ revealed in April, Toronto based Rap star and Hip Hop artist Tremayne is quick to make his next move, with second 2022 single ‘Daddy Issues’ featuring Backxwash and fellow label mate Charlie Noiir. A collaboration of epic proportions, Tremayne has solidified his dynamic return with power, intrigue and authority, commanding attention, left, right and centre. All eyes are on him as he delivers yet another potent punch of musical prowess.

Enlisting the ferocious bars of Polaris Prize winner and metal Rap artist Backxwash, Tremayne demonstrates yet again his fearless, explorative and willing nature to push the boundaries, by partnering his unique blend of Rap and Hip Hop with the brash, intensity of Metal. Pioneering the way and inspiring others to collaborate and work together despite their respective genres, ‘Daddy Issues’ is an example of how limitless music is, alongside Tremaynes creativity.

“I definitely want to highlight Backxwash as being a hero on this song as her ability to give such a confident and powerful take on her perseverance in her parental experience is inspiring”

A vulnerable and emotion-fuelled offering, ‘Daddy Issues’ explores each artist’s experience with their subsequent parental figures. Discussing the difficulties these relationships can present and how these pillars can influence growth and adulthood. Tremayne’s tone and calibre remains exciting, creative and utterly unstoppable as he dives deep into the toxicity present in these relationships, navigating the emotions and feelings that can surface such as pride, ignorance, stubbornness, guilt, resentment, confusion and anger in a braggadocios way.

“A strong and important take away I want listeners to have is to not be afraid, ashamed or too proud to vocalize and work through topics like these. A lot of shit can change and people can heal from a simple conversation”

With Charlie Noiirs capable vocals detailing the chorus, also written by Tremayne, the hook cleverly reinterprets lil Wayne’s 2006 single ‘stuntinlikemydaddy’. Unapologetic and theatrical, ‘Daddy Issues’ provides a cathartic outlet for others who have experienced similar difficulties.

“I think the concept of the collective consciousness of artists is reigning heavy. Knowing that both myself and one of the biggest rappers of my generation Kendrick chose to highlight this rarely, openly discussed topic that we notice a lot in the black community is super important to me, because it deserves a conversation”

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