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Travel And Sports – The Perfect Combination

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Tourism is a booming industry. However, it isn’t written in stone that you have to travel for pleasure. The best way to visit destinations worldwide is sports tourism. This way you get the much need practice and physical exercise, all the while enjoying your stay at exotic locations. A sport that is especially popular when it comes to combining tourism and recreation is golf. In this sport, you play against yourself and enjoy nature at the same time. There are numerous places where you can play it across the globe, but here we write about the popular exotic destinations to play golf in and how to prepare for them.

Costa Rica

This county in the Caribbean is growing in popularity among golfers and it is no wonder why. Today there are professional international tournaments in its capital of San Jose, as well as on the Pacific coastline. In general, the four most popular courses would be Arnold Palmer Golf Course at Peninsula Papagayo, La Iguana Golf Course at Los Sueños Marriott, Garra de Leon Golf Course at Playa Conchal, and Hacienda Pinilla Golf Course at JW Marriott. All these courses are unique, but they all offer to put on patches of green surrounded by palm trees, beaches, and hotel resorts. The latter was erected with golfers as ideal tourists in mind so you’ll meet all your athlete’s needs there.

How to prepare

We are stating the obvious if we say that Costa Rica is located far away. We are pointing this out because it means that you will have to fly in. Packing up your golf gear for economy class can be a nightmare since the airlines will try to charge you for everything. There are several tricks how to pack successfully and cost-effectively. Firstly, avoid extra luggage by placing all you need inside the golf travel bag. These usually have enough room for other stuff besides the clubs. Golf shoes can have multiple purposes. They can be good for going out at night since they are trendy so you don’t have to pack an extra pair of shoes. In addition, you can stuff them with pieces of clothing such as socks, so you will save space.


Another exotic destination is located in Asia. There are numerous advantages why you should book a golf holiday there. Firstly, the locals are friendly to foreigners as they are used to Western tourists so you can count on their hospitality. The prices are also lower so you can buy missing pieces of equipment there since your money is worth more than back home. The variety and the sheer number of golf courses are astounding: there are over 270 courses to play across the country. Also, the weather conditions are favorable most of the year. Even during the rainy season, it is possible to play every day if you like since the rain never falls for too long. There are numerous tourist resorts, some of which are intended for golfers alone. Everybody in the tourism industry speaks excellent English so you will not have communication problems. Expats live there, many of whom run travel agencies specialized in golf tourism. The infrastructure has been constantly improving over the last couple of decades so you can count on getting to the desired course quickly and safely. When you decide to take a break from golfing, Thailand has numerous tourist destinations to offer, most of which are related to religious tourism. The nightlife is exciting and you can always relax with the famous Thai massage. Oh yeah, did we mention that there are specially trained female caddies at the aforementioned golf resorts?

Need practice?

We discussed how you should pack and travel to these exotic destinations, but how do you prepare in professional terms. If you are a businessman, you might not have time to practice your swing. You might lack the time to go to individual lessons and hire a private coach. If this is the case, what you need is a putting-trainer. This device will help you perfect your swing from the comfort of your home so you will be ready to step onto the green in Costa Rica, Thailand, or some other exotic course.

Other destinations to consider

Costa Rica and Thailand are exotic and in vogue, but they aren’t the only two destinations for golf in the tropic. Alongside the cliffs on the Pacific coast, New Zealand offers an experience of a lifetime to any golfer. China is emerging as the global superpower in sports as well. Mission Hills Golf Club on Hainan Island is especially popular with foreigners. Resorts in Cyprus have a special offer for golfers. Who wouldn’t like to putt on the Mediterranean coast at the backdrop of olive trees? The United Arab Emirates are investing heavily to transform their deserts into verdant golf courses. So far, their biggest success is Yas Link in Abu Dhabi that lies on the Persian Gulf and has over 100 bunkers. In the distance of this course, you can see the city’s mesmerizing skyline. We mentioned Thailand, but their neighbor Vietnam is slowing catching up with them. Just an hour’s drive from the capital of Hanoi golfers can find well-maintained courses. In Southeast Asia, another two countries that are opening to golfers are Malaysia and Indonesia. A course on the shores of the Indian Ocean is more than alluring. Ever considered going on a golf safari? In South Africa, this is possible, as Leopard Creek lies on the southern border of the world-famous Kruger National Park.  

Essentially, you need to sit down and make a firm decision that your holidays this year are going to be combined with sportsmanship. Once you arrive in any of the destinations listed here, you will see that people perceive you not as a tourist, but as a real professional. Your holidays will still be a time for relaxation, but it will be spiced by a bit of competitiveness on the green. You will return home full of energy and perhaps with a trophy or two. It’s a win-win situation.

This post was written by Emily Wilson

Emily is a business psychologist with a passion for traveling Researching, exploring and writing are her favourite things to do. Besides that, she loves animals and music.

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