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Touch by Remmy Duchene

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Hi Everyone! Remmy Duchene here again. For those who have no idea who I am – I write interracial/multicultural erotic romance that’s MM. My heat levels fluctuate depending on the Muse. Today, I’m here to talk about the music that inspired my latest release, due out today, titled Touch.

While I’ve had the idea roaming around inside my head for almost a year before I even wrote the tale, music places a HUGE part of my writing. Love scenes flow better with some sexy songs playing softly in the background. Fight scenes flow with Metallica’s Atlas Rise blaring. Music helps me write all—that—words!

Okay, lets go through my Touch playlist!

  1. Dear John by Brandon Stansell – This song broke my soul in so many ways. No matter how many times I watch the video and listen to the lyrics, it always elicit so many amazing emotions. Lyrics like “Gonna throw away what makes me hurt” or “Unlove all your love” – this song is sure to bring up some stuff you don’t want to deal with but should.
  2. Remember Me by Jennifer Hudson – I wasn’t never a HUGE fan of J-Hud. But even so, I had to admit this girl can sing. It has been a while since a song like this hit the airwaves. Sure, it sounds simple, it’s just a woman speaking to her man, explaining that certain words aren’t necessary. All he has to do is look at her—is read her. *sigh*
  3. Kiss it Away by Min Woo – Lee Min Woo aka Min Woo aka M is a member of the Korean boyband Shinhwa. Well, we can’t exactly call them a boyband anymore since all the members are in their mid to late thirties but he has this voice that is magical. Kiss it Away is a song he did solo. Beautiful lines like “When the tears come, let me kiss it away” or “Even your little scars, let me kiss it away” – This song is in Korean but every line, ever beat, ever move of his body brings out the kind of warmth in me I never expected. This is a softness from M that I didn’t expect. His solo stuff was always songs to dance to—about how awesome he is. But this—this I loved.
  4. Never Gonna Give You Up by Lisa Stansfield – No, I wasn’t going to Rick Roll you. This song is from back in the day. Lisa is a talent I have always enjoyed. When I was younger, I didn’t like this song, the video was a little weird but as I got older, and realized what I wanted out of a relationship, I began liking this song, understanding it. The tune is about a woman who is so in love with her man, when she thinks of him she doesn’t really know where she is. In the video she traversed the street naked, just to get to his place. It’s a beautiful, adult song.
  5. Miyazaki by Gallant – Okay, Gallant is a part of all I do. Gallant’s songs, his music, his voice—is absolutely everything. Strange thing about this TALENTED guy, he had to go abroad—Japan and South Korea to get his music out. But however he did it, I am glad he’s here. The song is about a man trying to get back into his woman’s good side, after he’s hurt her so bad…He said he would do everything, make a magic potion if that was what he had to do.
  6. Love is like a Snowflake by Xia- Xia aka Junsu aka Xiah is an original member of Tohoshinki an offshoot of DBSK. He later had his contract annulled by the courts and left the band. He then entered a group called JYJ. But, Junsu also does tons of solo stuff. This is one of the songs he’s released on his own—It is in Korean but when translated, this song speaks of longing—a beautiful thing.
  7. Dancing on my Own by Calum Scott— Okay, sure, Robyn is the original singer of this song but Calum Scott’s version breaks my soul and put me back together again. I needed some deepness for this playlist and his haunting voice did just that. This song is about a man who is watching the person he loves with someone else—wishing he could be dancing with this person…
  8. Cry Baby by Paloma Faith – I don’t know how she didn’t win The Voice UK. Her voice alone should have made her a no-brainer. I used this song, the pain in her voice to push me.
  9. Move by Taemin – *Sigh* Anything I write MUST have Taemin on the playlist. Sure, his songs are in Korean, but there is just a magic in the way his voice tremble from time to time, the ease in his dance moves and the fearlessness in the fashion he wears. This man is single-handedly, breaking the stereotype of what “masculine” should be.
  10. First by SoMo – This list can only have 10 songs so I will just add one of SoMo’s tunes. He has this big voice that flows like water over a sexy lyric. This song is basically about a man telling a woman that “you lose if you get it first” and “My job is to make it squirt” – yeah…very sensual.

Here’s hoping I have given you new tunes for your playlist!


One can’t walk the path of darkness and expect to escape unscathed.

At eighteen, Foster Erickson stepped out of the closet into a world of homelessness, prostitution, and drugs. Years later, he’s pulled it together and is ready to rebuild.

Determined not to let the demons win, Foster starts university with a plan to keep others from making the same mistakes he did. The last thing he expects is Sylvester Roberts.

After years of working with his father, Sylvester decides to step out on his own. University at his age is strange, but for him, failure isn’t an option. After flunking a few tests, Sylvester’s professor assigns him a tutor—Foster Erickson. The moment they meet, Sylvester knows Foster isn’t like other guys.

As the darkness hovers and Sylvester begins falling, he will have to decide if helping Foster fight his demons will be worth it in the end

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