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Toronto’s leading R&B artist Sage Harris returns with sultry ‘Let Me Know’ featuring Jagged Edge

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Saturday Life recording artist Sage Harris has teamed up with legendary Atlanta group Jagged Edge, who rose up in 1995 the the peak of R&B’s golden era and now they’re bringing forward a spin off of their iconic ‘Where The Party At’ (originally featuring Nelly).

“A dream come true is an understatement to how honoured I feel to have a legendary R&B group whom I’ve admired for my whole life share a song with me. I will forever be grateful and hope the world and R&B lovers feel the same way about the song as I did making it.” – Sage Harris

Brian Casey (member of Jagged Edge) and Sage met in Atlanta via good friend Markus Burns (Producer of Real Housewives Of Atlanta). Sage’s mentor Preme (OVO/Reps Up artist) planted the seed of the idea that it would be awesome to flip a hit song for nostalgic R&B fans and it was the early 2000 chart-topper ‘Where The Party At’ that became the perfect fit.

Working on the songwriting with Brian Casey and Benita Singh, Sage gave it the new title ‘Let Me Know’, and sent it over to Casey who enthusiastically responded “This is hard as steel!”. With that firm sign of approval, the track was finalised by producers Jay Century, Nick Hernadez, Mark James and Sage Harris himself.



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