Top Tips and Tricks for Decorating Your Space With Art

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One of the most frequent questions people have about designing a room from start to finish is “how do I choose the right artwork?” Selecting the perfect piece for a specific space is no simple feat, with all the influential factors and subtle nuances at play.

Predominantly, remember that art is a long-term investment that creates character, establishes visual interest, and evokes conversation. Let’s look at a few top tips and tricks for decorating your space with art. Here’s how to take advantage of its full potential to transform your interiors and create an impressive aesthetic.

Focus on Balancing Scale, Texture, and Tone

Directing attention to balance is undoubtedly one of the top tips and tricks for decorating your space with art. Good design balance radiates deep feelings of wellness, stability, and comfort. The placement, scale, and proportion of chosen decorative artwork are key elements of a visually balanced room.

When selecting and placing pieces, consider balancing varying heights and levels of boldness. In the context of color and texture, remember to blend instead of match—and play up the contrast for a polished look. The goal is to carry the eye throughout a room with coherent intrigue and wonder.

Embrace Creativity: Craft a Design Theme or Vibe

Sometimes you need to think outside of the box—or the frame, that is. Art forms can be more than pretty paintings, pop-art prints, or standard 2D canvases. Consider incorporating other unique mediums, such as three-dimensional replicas, busts, or figurines. This lifelike décor can add a dynamic sense of zest and zeal.

The design possibilities are limitless with the varying types of fine art sculptures made from different techniques available on the market, both antique and modern. Be sure to choose pieces that speak to you. As the most powerful tools in a room, these pieces have the potential to be inspirational starting points for a design scheme. Try grouping coordinating pieces to create an eye-catching theme. Pair art with different furnishings and decorative objects until you come across a feel-good perspective.

Be Unexpected: Take Advantage of Forgotten Spaces

Does your home have odd wall spaces? Awkward nooks or corners? Never fear—embracing this peculiarity can lead to innovative design strategies. Consider how to use any negative spaces and capitalize on typically forgotten areas of a room to define focal points. The idea is to make a playful statement without creating visual chaos.

You can also use artwork in subtler approaches to integrate touches of sophistication. Art can have unexpected visual effects in bathrooms, laundry rooms, pantries, staircases, and more. Seek out often overlooked opportunities to add dimension and detail to your space with art you love. Remember that curating a matchlessly personal display matters above all.

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