Top 5 Reasons You Must Visit Boston for Thanksgiving

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When it comes to Thanksgiving, a lot of families like to stay at home and worry about the turkey and side dishes. Then stay indoors until the following Monday morning. But many families want to head out and explore places they’ve never been before. The built-in five-day weekend is the perfect time to pack up the kids and your spouse and go on a Thanksgiving adventure. Why not travel to one of the country’s most historic cities: Boston, Mass. this Thanksgiving?

With delicious food, fun and educational activities, and gorgeous yet affordable places to stay, “The Cradle of Liberty” is a great option.

So get out there and make the trip. Trust us, it’s something you’ll be thankful for years to come.

Not convinced? Here are the top 5 reasons you should visit Boston on Thanksgiving.

The Food

We all know that the holiday season is a time for guilt-free overindulgence. And we can’t think of a better city to stuff yourself silly in than Boston. Yes, this cosmopolitan center of health and tech business has the requisite 5-star upscale options where you can dine on haute cuisine cooked by world-known chefs. You are, however, visiting Boston for Thanksgiving, and that means a kid-friendly spot is in order.

 Luckily, Boston is filled to the brim with family-centered restaurants.

Start the holiday weekend off right and grab breakfast in the very colorful and very eclectically decorated The Friendly Toast for breakfast where you and your kids will be served the “fourth-best breakfast in America,” according to Good Morning America.

 But those aren’t your only options. Think juice bars with playrooms, bars that offer kids toys to play with, and plenty of places to let your young ones develop a taste for local seafood. For Thanksgiving Day, may of the hotels in the city offer holiday meals, some are more formal than others, but it’s a safe bet that you and your family will love one of them.

 For picky eaters — there is always a Dunkin’Donuts just around almost every corner in Boston.

The History

Young ones probably won’t want to hear details about the Stamp Act of 1765 that precipitated the Revolutionary War. But watch their eyes light up as they learn about the grown-ups who were so mad they threw tea right into Boston Harbor and then seeing where it happened and walk on the ships at Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum.

Of course, there’s the must-do historic site: a walk along the Freedom Trail. Walk from Boston Common and head toward Bunker Hill, in-between visit Paul Revere’s house and the Old State House. For those who have younger children and don’t want to take a long walk with a toddler or push a stroller around, there are trolley and bus tours that will take you around the city.

The Shopping

Thanksgiving means that holiday shopping season is in full swing, eschew the crowds at department stores and head to historic Faneuil Hall Marketplace, which is incidentally right off the Freedom Trail. It is sure to be decorated like a movie set for the holidays, and with an array of things to purchase from pushcarts or boutiques, your holiday shopping will be over in no time.

Plymouth (Plimoth) Plantation

While this could be categorized under history, this open-air museum of what purports to be a replica of a Pilgrim plantation (there’s even a replica of the Mayflower II) is an immersive Thanksgiving experience for the whole family. After all, it’s where one of the earliest “thanksgivings” like celebrations took place. There are a lot of activities going on, and your kids will love the reenactors walking around in 17th-Century garb. You can even reserve a spot at an iconic Thanksgiving feast.


While the lauded Patriots won’t be playing on Thanksgiving Day, you and the family can still catch some sports that weekend and see the Celtics or the Bruins.

Written by Candice Schaffer

Candice Schaffer is a young professional who resides in Manhattan. She absolutely loves to travel, meet new people and go on adventures. Candice has a passion for giving back and enjoys volunteer work and taking part in philanthropy in New York City.


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