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Top 5 NYC Luxury Rooftop Retreats

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What’s a New Yorker’s favorite day of the year? It’s not a holiday, and it’s not on any calendar, but you can safely bet on it happening sometime in the spring dictated strictly by the whims of Mother Nature. If you haven’t figured it out, residents of NYC’s favorite day is the first warm day of the year. A virtual city-wide festival, it’s the day that they get to head out into the elements sans puffy parkas and make their way to outdoor cafes and parks. But one place where lucky New Yorkers go when the weather warms up is luxury apartment rooftops.

These rooftops are much more than the ordinary roof that many buildings call “amenities,” they are urban oases in the sky where you can party, relax, soak up the sun, and even swim in style.

Here are our favorite luxury rooftop retreats in luxury condos:

Brooklyn Point

It’s rarified air on the rooftop of one of Downtown Brooklyn’s newest condominium towers. At 720 feet, Brooklyn Point soars above BK, and that means jaw-dropping views of the Manhattan Skyline, the Bay, the Hudson and East Rivers, bridges, and even parks from many of the units in the building. But the view from the rooftop here is one that can’t be beaten, especially when you’re taking in all in from the comfort of the Western Hemisphere’s highest residential infinity pool.


Did someone say BBQ? The rooftop of EVGB is a multi-use space that will have friends texting you to come over the minute the weather gets warm. Set against the backdrop of Manhattan, this luxury building has a 19,000 square-foot landscaped roof deck to explore. In fact, you can spend an entire day al fresco at EVGB. Wake up in the morning and head to the roof for some stretching on the yoga lawn. Fire up the grill at one of the many grill stations and invite your friends over in the afternoon for a game on the bocce court. At night, light up one of the fire pits and stock the wet bar with your favorite libations as you watch the lights of the city twinkle around you.


At 650 feet, this heavenly haven in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen almost touches the heavens at 555Ten. This stunning relative newcomer to the Manhattan skyline is home to a wide swath of New Yorkers from theatrical creatives to money-minded business people. But one thing they all have in common is their love for the most exceptional amenities, like 555Ten’s Skytop pool, sundeck, and clubroom. Think private cabanas and lounges, a swimming pool with southern exposure, panoramic views of the Hudson, and a private room you can reserve for parties and gatherings.

21 East 12

Sleek, modern with views you won’t get anywhere else but from the rooftop of 21 East 12 in Greenwich Village. In these luxe Downtown homes, you’re not only treated to comforts like on-site parking, a fitness center, and a residents lounge but vistas you won’t find anywhere else.


Want to feel like you’re always on vacation? That’ll be easy at Aro NYC where the Sky Club is set to take the Midtown West rooftop game to the next level—literally. The sleek design of this outdoor space is second only to the views that you can enjoy while floating in the outdoor pool.

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Candice Schaffer is a young professional who resides in Manhattan. She absolutely loves to travel, meet new people and go on adventures. Candice has a passion for giving back and enjoys volunteer work and taking part in philanthropy in New York City.

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