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Top 5 Best Moments From Taylor Swift’s “folklore: the long pond studio sessions” Documentary

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Taylor Swift living in her own imagination and creating some wild storylines is nothing new to her fans. However, it seems like the whole world accepted her eighth studio album, “folklore,” as a blessing that came straight from Heaven in the insane times of pandemic outburst. It’s like she finally found the way to everyone’s heart while simply pouring her own into the 17 lyrical masterpieces.

Watching Swift’s documentary “folklore: the long pond studio sessions” is a whole package if you’re also enjoying the album. We created this top list of the five best moments from the movie that will undoubtedly open an entirely new door in your imaginative world.

  1. All The Mysteries Are Finally Revealed

5 taylor swift folklore the long pond studio sessions.jpg75

Believe it or not, Swift went from writing about ex-lovers to writing a song with the love of her life. She revealed exclusively in this documentary that William Bowery, the co-writer of “exile” and “betty,” is actually Joe Alwyn!

This was the greatest mystery Swift revealed, but not the only one. She also opened up about how she wanted to write “the last great American dynasty” for years. She was so nervous about confessing to her record label that she has an album to put out a week after. There are some other surprises you should check out!

  1. How Do You Write an Album During the Pandemic?

4 aaron dessner and taylor swift.jpg30

Isn’t it crazy how Swift had to turn her house into a recording studio since all the studios were closed because of the global pandemic? The whole story behind it is one of the most interesting parts of the documentary because, for example, you can see Taylor’s cats fighting on the bed while she’s recording!

Swift’s co-producers, Aaron Dessner and Jack Antonoff weren’t by her side physically, so they would send voice memos and tracks to each other. Their meetings in this documentary feel even more heart-warming since they finally got the chance to perform together!

  1. The Atmosphere Throughout the Film Is Extremely Cosy

3 taylor swifts home studio.jpg22

This documentary feels like a warm hug, from the opening scene with the woods and the cottage to Swift’s, Antonoff’s, and Dessner’s happy faces when they finally met and drank wine together. The cottagecore aesthetic has been connected with “folklore”’s story, and now we see it even better.

Swift’s expressions while singing the sweetest tones, Antonoff’s moves while he plays the guitar for “august,” and the way they explain the songs… The list of cuteness is literally endless. If you need a hug, try watching this documentary while being wrapped in a soft blanket!

  1. You’ll Get to Know the Stories Behind Songs

2 jack antonoff aaron dessner and taylor swift.jpg25

It doesn’t play the most important role for some music if the lyrics are meaningful because you just feel like dancing to it. However, when it comes to “folklore,” it’s a record that you listen to with full attention and willingness to interpret the stories the way you feel. For some people, “my tears ricochet” would be about the “death” of a bad relationship. It may even remind you of Swift leaving her record label Big Machine. For someone else, it could be the whole another narrative!

Swift finally addressed almost all of the songs from the collection, so you’ll get familiar with the parts you presumably didn’t know how to interpret. For example, many fans felt the bigger connection to “mirrorball“ and “this is me trying” after Swift opened up about these songs being an ode to everyone who’s struggling daily. You can relate to her stories to the fullest!

  1. The Live Version of the Whole Album Is Outstanding

1 taylor swift performing the 1.jpg48

Since Swift isn’t able to perform in these rough times, she’s promoting “folklore,” the best way she can. She created the documentary about making this record, so, of course, it was a perfect chance to host a live session. Without any doubt, it was a fantastic decision as these new versions of the songs are mind-blowing!

In Taylor’s facial expressions during “mad woman,” you can see how insanely she relates to grief lyrics. It’s so obvious how genuinely she believes in the theory of fate she created in “invisible string.” “my tears ricochet” feels twice as gloomy in the live version, and “cardigan” is far more heart-warming than the original. The live version of “exile” with Justin Vernon in the studio is a Grammy-worthy performance on its own already!

Don’t be in shock if you start listening to the acoustic versions from this documentary more than the original ones. You could even write a poem while getting lost in this cozy, warm world. “folklore: the long pond studio sessions” is a good watch and a good listen at one take, so don’t miss it!

What’s your favorite song from “folklore,” and did this movie change your perspective on some lyrics?

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