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Top 10 Impossibly Annoying Movie Sidekicks of All Time

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A sidekick can often make or break a movie. Watching a movie with a bad sidekick can be a huge distraction for the rest of the film. It is difficult to understand the plot line because you are so focused on them. Great sidekicks seamlessly fit into the plot of the film. They are there to help the hero, and they don’t cause too much conflict in their own personal lives. Unfortunately, not all sidekicks are created equal. The following is a list of the ten most annoying sidekicks.

1. Independence Day: David Levison

At best David Levision can be described as a pseudo sidekick. A sidekick is there to help the hero fight the villain. Levison is much too busy worrying about his own personal problems to help anybody with anything. While Will Smith is fighting aliens, Levision is trying to get back together with his wife. He just isn’t a useful sidekick.

2. Indiana Jones: Willie Scott

We have all wondered about the importance of Willie Scott in Indiana Jones. Scott appears to be screaming or complaining throughout the entire film. Not only does she scream during the film, she doesn’t seem to want to participate in the adventure. Willie Scott has left us all bewildered as to why she is even in the film.

3. Dr.Evil: Mini Me

Mini Me only act as a shadow to Dr. Evil. Mini Me’s sidekick Mini-Mr.Bigglesworth acts as a saving grace for Mini Me. For a more detailed list of great movie sidekicks read this article.

4. Red Sonja: Prince Tarn

From the beginning of the film, Prince Tarn seems incapable of taking care of himself. We are still unsure as to how the Prince is going to rule a kingdom.

5. Lethal Weapon 2-4:Leo Getz

Leo Getz is similar to the annoying little brother that just won’t leave you alone. The first Lethal Weapon was great without the comic relief of Leo Getz. He really only took away from the film.

6. Forrest Gump: Benjamin Buford

Some might find it surprising that Benjamin made this list. For the most part, Benjamin is a well-liked character from a well-liked film. While most like Benjamin his presence his somewhat unnecessary. Benjamin is too similar to Forrest Gump to make a name for himself.

7. American Pie: Stifler

Stifler may not have been a full on sidekick, but he was definitely annoying. As a teenage cocky mama’s boy he was just too difficult to watch.

8.Die Another Day: “Jinx” Jordan

No one can deny that Halle Berry was a great actress, but the character of “Jinx” Jordan didn’t do her any favours. Jordan’s less than admirable “Yo Mamma” line is enough to bother any moviegoer.

9. The Fifth Element: Ruby Rhod

When it comes to loud and obnoxious sidekicks Ruby Rhod takes the cake. Rhod’s over the top nature makes it difficult to enjoy the rest of the movie.

10. Batgirl in Batman & Robin: Barbara Wilson

This movie wasn’t the best to begin with, but Barbara Wilson certainly didn’t do it favours. The acting of this character left much to be desired. Focusing the plot around Wilson’s bad choices made this sidekick even more annoying.

The writing and acting in a film can make or break a sidekick. At times, talented actors receive bad parts. Other times, both the acting and the writing of the sidekick fall flat, leading to a very difficult viewing experience. No matter how bad a sidekick is, we can always say they were the most memorable character in the film!


Guest Post by Bill Gordon

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