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To Touch the Sky by M A Church

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To Touch the Sky by M A Church

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Book Series
Leap of Faith #2
About the Author
Hey! My name is Michelle, and I write m/m romance that tends to have a nonhuman twist. I'm married to my high school sweetheart, and we have two grown children.
Publication Date
April 03, 2015
Content Warning
Sex scenes and light BDSM.
Leap of Faith: Book Two

He can run, but he can’t hide

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Take a Leap of Faith!
(Updated: May 11, 2015)
To Touch the Sky is the second novel in M A Church's Leap of Faith series. M A Church is able to re-cap most of the Native American history well enough to grasp its relevance to this second book, meaning that reading Shadows in the Night isn't necessary, but I feel it gives the reader a more powerful connection to the characters.
Before I read these two novels I had become relatively indifferent to Shifter stories, but M A Church has made me change my mind again! These characters do not shift because of an animal attack or curse; their connection to their totem spirit is rooted in their heritage and though this is urban fantasy, the centuries-old stories are almost believable.
Hawk is strong, sexy and has rules: no man shares his bed and no hook-up goes past the third date. Hawk is punishing himself for an accident that happened lifetimes before and refuses to let himself fall in love.
On first appearances, Simon is the complete opposite of the bar-owner. He despises the term but is often referred to as a 'twink'; not quite 6 foot with blonde hair and brown eyes, looking younger than his 23 years. Yet beyond his fragile exterior, Simon is a complex character; loyal, intelligent, feisty, brave and tired of the assumption that he can be sexually dominated.
This is not insta-love, although this genre is limited by certain related concepts, like 'mating'. M A Church incorporates this idea into her story well, especially when we 'hear' the dialogue between human-Hawk and his shifter identity. Simon is a stronger match for Hawk than he anticipated and I think we are ready for Hawk to reveal his true self, even before the moment at which he is forced to.
The only reservations I had about the story were how I felt about particular aspects were down-played, like Hawk's past, and as I had read Shadows in the Night there was a point at which the narratives were almost identical, although I was unsure whether this was an intentional move by M A Church.
I really enjoyed the paranormal twist on this sexy M/M romance, without the element of danger or fear. Simon and Hawk are perfect mates and I know their story will be loved by many fans of the genre.
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