Tips to Maintain Harmony between Work and Personal Life

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There has always been a debate about balancing your personal and professional life. Why these debates are conducted? This is because the new generation wants to do it all; they want to work hard, stay fit, eat healthily, and spend quality time with family and friends.

But (yes there is always a ‘but’!) there are not many professionals who would be able to tell that they indeed have a flourishing career, healthy body and mind, and a happy and perfect relationship, all at the same time.

If you are a working professional, there is a good possibility that you might spend most of the time in your day chasing deadlines and missing time out with family. Even if you are a freelancer or work-from-home professional, it would be a great struggle to find a balance between work and life because you would not be able to concentrate on one thing when working from home.

Do you find yourself often in such situations? Then this post is just for you.

Here are some of the tips for maintaining a peaceful balance between work and personal life.

  • Learn to prioritize

There is no standard pattern when it comes to work-life balance. The thought here is to set your priorities straight. According to your needs and situation, you can allocate adequate time to all the important activities. For instance, you may have a to-do list of 50 tasks on it; you will need to priorities those tasks in four different categories i.e.

  • Most Important
  • Important
  • Not so important
  • Not important at all

However, you will have to accept that there is no perfect balance. By setting your priorities straight, it will keep you away from wasting your time on an unnecessary and unimportant task. By doing this you will be able to utilize your energy and time efficiently.

  • Set your working hours and abide by them

Set work hours for yourself according to the priorities you have decided. Once you have set the working hours, follow it no matter even if your boss says you to work overtime.

You can gently or politely refuse them to stay back or you can suggest them with an alternative plan which would be both favorable to you and your boss. If you do not refuse, you will always find yourself working late hours or until midnight.

  • Stay organized for long-term activities

When it comes to daily activities it is good to stay organized and create a timeline. There are many specific computer programs that can help in this such as Google Keep, Ever note, etc. you can also create an excel spreadsheet and word table of your own.

Break each task into components and allot the specific day for each task. This also includes any family commitments such as holidays, birthdays, etc. so that you can set time aside for these family activities as well.

  • Make your workspace effective for you

When you are working for yourself, there is not much downtime but long-hours are required to work. So it is advisable to invest in equipment that supports your work. For instance, it includes getting a comfy chair, laptop support stand, ergonomic keyboard, etc. A comfortable and efficient working environment is worth your money.

  • Exercise should be on your must-do list

Exercise is a must. A fresh mind is obtained only by a healthy body, it also helps you function better and complete certain tasks in less time. It becomes difficult to attend the fitness class in the gym when you have a client wanting a certain task to get completed urgently.

If this is the precise scenario you are facing, then worry not. There is a viable option available to you. Opt for a 24-hour gym near you to stay committed to your fitness goals. Always remember that your health is equally important along with your work.

  • Do what you love to do

It is important to always take some time out for things you love to do. Be it anything, doing something other than work will energize and refresh you. It will also help you to foster the innovative thought that is essential to every business owner.

  • Be Practical

Always be practical in your approach to work. Everyday performs a self-analysis of what is working in your favour and what is not, what went wrong and how can you fix it.

There are many businesses in the world like yours, who are learning the same lessons every day. Always look forward to the valuable resources around you for help.

  • Hire a business coach

Hiring a business coach will help you a lot. You will be able to find out that business coaches can get you rid of the bad habits and help to implement the good ones in you.

  • Get a break

Whenever necessary take a short break and be away from work for a while. You can do anything whether it is for lunch breaks, breaks for a small walk, or anything apart from work.

You will not be able to just sit idle every day for an hour or so. Be realistic and spend time accordingly. Also, get up every fifteen minutes in an hour or two and stretch. This will help you to become more focused and more productive.

  • Take  vacations

Taking vacations and traveling help in getting disconnected from our work for a while, which is very essential. Try to take at least one long holiday a year or a few short vacations every quarter. Make certain of one crucial thing – when you are on a vacation you need to be completely disconnected from work. This well-deserved time off will prevent mental burn-outs and make you more creative and energized.

But always remember that your clients and customers need to know about your unavailability in advance. This way, they aren’t inconvenienced in any way.

To Conclude

A harmonious balance between work and personal life is crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Work is important in life but always remember who you are working for, you’re your family. When you are successful in balancing both the work and life, you will find yourself living and not existing.

Lynda Arbon is a passionate and enthusiastic health blogger. She likes keeping herself updated on health trends and blogs. Her hobbies are learning history and solving crossword puzzles.

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