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Tips on how to properly use insect repellents

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In order to fight the irritating and pesky insects called mosquitoes, there are many different products available for us to use.

But, many of them contain chemicals which can be dangerous to humans, animals, and even the environment. However, proper and correct usage of these repellents can protect us from accidents and harmful reactions towards these products and even enhance their effectiveness. Ergo, here are few tips on how to correctly use mosquito repellent products. And you can find more information on effective ways to combat mosquitoes on

Before using any insect repellent or products designed to fight mosquito bites, read the label of said product. Carefully look at it and follow all of the instructions provided by the manufacturer, because many of these repellents contain chemical, which can cause harm to humans and animals and the environment if used incorrectly. That goes for both how to use the product and how to dispose of it, too, since many times improper disposal can also cause a lot of harm especially to the environment.

Apply correctly and be careful and cautious when doing it

By following the instructions you will not only make sure that there is no harm created to anyone but also, you will enhance the effectiveness of the product and keep mosquitoes away more sufficiently. But another important thing to know is where and how exactly to apply repellent, which can also provide better results if done correctly.

You should apply the product on bare, exposed skin or on clothing, depending on what type of product you are using. But don’t put the product underneath your clothes as clothes will block the repellent and there will have been no use to put the repellent on. Also, be careful when using bug spray on your face or near it as you should never spray repellent directly on your face, but rather use your hands when applying it. Of course, try not to breathe the repellent in, which means that you shouldn’t spray it in enclosed spaces, but rather use the insect repellent outdoors, or in well-ventilated areas. And, if you have any wounds, cuts or irritation on your skin, don’t use mosquito repellents on these spots, since it can cause even more irritation.

Careful when using on children

Our children also should be protected from mosquitoes and bug spray does a good job at it, however, you should be extra careful when actually applying the mosquito repellent on your kids. Make sure that you don’t apply repellent on hands of small children, as they often put their hands in their mouths, which can result in kids ingesting the product and getting sick. And as for really small children, make sure that you use bug spray that is specially labeled as insect repellent for kids, because this will ensure that the repellent isn’t as harsh and won’t cause irritation to the toddler’s skin.

When applying bug spray, use slow sweeping motion

For the best result, you should use a slow sweeping motion when applying the repellent either on your skin or clothing. It will help to apply the product evenly, thus the repellent will provide the best protection possible. Additionally, pay extra attention to the areas which are easily forgettable, yet which are the most accessible for the mosquitoes, like ankles and elbows.  This way all your body will be hidden from mosquitoes, and hence you won’t get bitten by them.

Know when to reapply

And lastly, make sure that you keep in mind the information about how long the product lasts, which should be provided on the label of each specific repellent. As every mosquito repellent has its own exposure time, you should reapply the product accordingly. Better to reapply bug spray a bit earlier then to forget and later wonder how you got so many bug bites, even though you were wearing mosquito repellent.

Bug spray might be a simple and easy way how to keep the mosquitoes away, but if you don’t  know how to apply it properly, the benefits of the product will decrease significantly. So, read the label of the product, apply it with caution, be extra careful when using insect repellent on kids and remember how long the repellent lasts so you don’t miss the reapply period. All this should help you use bug spray more efficiently and in return the repellent should work that much better on you.

Guest Post by Karen Thompson – Karen Thompson is the owner of, a blog about all things mosquito control. Live a mosquito-free life and know how to combat these pesky insects with InsectCop

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