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Tips How to Design and Manage Affordable Bathroom Renovations

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It is a fact, that whether intentionally or unintentionally, you generally have an instinctive tendency of judging a person by the condition of his bathroom especially. A tacky and messy bathroom immediately drowns the impression of the owner, though it is just a functional space where you hardly spend some time in a day. At the same time a clean, well decorated and maintained, stylish bathroom creates positive impressions as well as triggers the value of your property. So, whether you simply seek a fresh and stylish bathroom or you are looking for a resale deal, bathroom renovation is always a profitable deal.

Affordable bathroom renovations

However, most people have a concept that it requires thousands of bucks to remodel a bathroom. But with a little innovative thought, own creativity and smart approach you can actually get affordable bathroom renovations within your budget.

Keep Plumbing Lines Intact

You can save a lot on your expenses in bathroom renovations if you decide not to alter the plumbing lines. Altering the position of the water pipelines or even the drainage system can cost you havoc and punch a hole in your pocket. Therefore, a better and smarter way is to not hamper the existing plumbing lines, instead, you can replace your old sink, toilet, and bathtub and even get a bath cabinet installed for a renewed look.

Design the Mirror

The mirror can become the center of focus in a bathroom. Not a small and insignificant one, but an extensively prominent large mirror can beautify your entire bathroom all of a sudden., if you already have a big mirror, in order to add aesthetic appeal to it, frame it with a stylish frame. Add some interesting lighting work over the mirror. Even more, for those with a restraint budget, you can simply upgrade your existing mirror by adding some decorative frame, hiding the stains on the edges.

Bathroom Design

Just the Lid Will Do

Most people once again drain a bulk amount in changing the entire toilet setup. If you find your toilet to be an old one, maybe discolored, stained, or just out of fashion, and yet you don’t have much to spend to get it replaced, here is a smart trick! All you need to do to bring in a stylish and refurbished appeal is to change the toilet seat instead of the entire installation.

Don’t Skid Money on Those Floors

Exactly as it sounds, the theory for affordable bathroom renovations is to skip over the loopholes of draining money, like for example floors. It is quite normal that most people dream of stone finish floors, like marble, but it goes without saying that for a stone finish floor you need a pretty handsome budget. Rather, a great alternative that fits within the budget, as well as brims over the style quotient, is vinyl flooring.

Go for Used Vanity Units

Sometimes, to invest a ton for new vanity units when your existing ones are just fine but may be out of fashion is not recommendable. Either you can style up your existing vanity units or buy a second-hand vanity unit and redesign it with the help of a carpenter.

  • Add a shelf more, maybe a utility drawer as well.
  • You can stylize the unit with a new laminate as per the color of your new bathroom.
  • Replace the existing wooden or laminate doors with transparent glass doors and change the appeal of your vanity unit or double vanity unit.
  • Enhance the lighting around or you can also set up lights inside the vanity unit to make it more functional.
  • Change the position of your vanity to another wall for a change.

Innovative ideas, like those mentioned above, can help you get a defined look for your bathroom, without having to spend much on the renovation.

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