Tips for Your Home Gym from Celebrity Fitness Trainer Stephanie Rofkahr

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Celebrity fitness trainer and nutritionist Stephanie Rofkahr stands out from others as she is the ultimate training partner, motivator and health and fitness role model to all. Stephanie Rofkahr is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist that wants to get you in shape so that you can feel good in your own skin. She is a top expert in fitness and nutrition. She notes exercising at home can be very beneficial including when using some home gym essentials. She has some home gym tips for you the next time when you are exercising at your home.

Do have some home gym essentials no matter the size of your home gym

Dumbbells and some form of a step up are good to have in a home gym. Resistance bands are also a great option but dumbbells really are the best necessity for a home gym as you can get a full workout that targets every muscle group with just a set of dumbbells.

Do include a versatile workout tool in your home gym

Exercise balls are an excellent way to add versatility to your workout. You can develop a good overall muscle tone for your entire body and improve your balance by using an exercise ball. I love an exercise ball and I would recommend an exercise ball to have in a home gym.

Have equipment in your home gym 

If possible if you could incorporate a cable tower machine into your home gym is fantastic as it can help you get a diverse workout. Do know they can take up some space. I always tell my clients to start small with a few items for a home gym and if you are serious about your fitness to purchase a cable tower machine. You can find them at local wholesalers or at Play It Again Sports stores.

Do virtual fitness training

Do virtual fitness training in the comfort of your own home. It is easy to do and it is fun! I do offer virtual fitness training. The virtual training program workouts range from 5 to 45 minutes depending on your time frame. It works well for everybody type as it keeps you moving, strength training, and releasing your natural endorphins! They are categorized in Upper and Lower Body, Bodyweight, Home, Gym, and Core, etc. It is great as you can choose the workouts you want to do!

Stephanie Rofkahr

Stephanie Rofkahr is a celebrity fitness trainer and nutritionist that helps people get fit and stay healthy. She enjoys sharing her passion for fitness and good nutrition with others. Certified personal trainer Stephanie Rofkahr is featured in national media. For more information on Stephanie Rofkahr, visit

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