Tips for Outdoor Winter Living Spaces

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Many folks assume that just because the weather has started to get colder, it’s suddenly impossible to spend time outside. But for those who take the time to create a backyard living room, even Old Man Winter won’t be able to ruin their garden getaway. Here are four tips for outdoor winter living spaces.

Raise the Roof

One of the first things you’ll want to do is devise some sort of cover or roof for your outdoor space to prevent the elements from ruining your enjoyment of your backyard. Water can put a damper on most winter activities, especially as it starts to become ice. Patio roofs or enclosures make outdoor living possible in the winter by creating a barrier with the walls of your home.

Take a Seat

The next step is to decide where you’re going to sit. Having outdoor furniture that can stand up to the winter cold is a necessity, but having a roof over your head allows for much more comfortable cushioned seats. Layer the seats with blankets for bundling up outdoors.

Fire It Up

A heat source is the best way to heat up the party while the temps are dropping. A fire pit in the center makes for a great centerpiece and provides plenty of heat for the entire group. You can also place outdoor heating units around the perimeter of the space, but these can get dangerously hot if you get too close. The same can be said of space heaters. No matter what method you use, caution is advised when you’re dealing with high temperatures.

Let There Be Light

The final tip for outdoor winter living spaces is to add plenty of lights. During the winter months, when the sun sets earlier, having plenty of exterior illumination already set up for your outdoor living room can be beneficial. This lighting can make the space more inviting while granting extra use of a space that would otherwise be sitting empty.

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