Tips for Designing Your Own Product Packaging

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You’ve got your product figured out down to the letter, but now, you need to consider its container. Don’t sacrifice form for function and vice versa. The best packaging serves the product well while enticing customers to learn more. Here are some tips for designing your own product packaging.

Package for Your Customer

This almost goes without saying, but your customer is the most important factor to consider when designing packaging. Make graphics to appeal to your target audience (don’t load your pillbox packaging for seniors with Gen Z memes) and ensure that the design is accessible and intuitive for the demographic you’re hoping to capture.

Think About Pricing

You should only put more time and effort into a complicated package if you plan on selling your product at a higher price point. While good packaging is essential, it’s easy to overdesign and end up with higher costs than your product calls for. Conversely, don’t under-design a package for which you want people to pay a lot.

Know Your Competition

Chances are other people are making a similar product to yours. Be careful not to copy their designs, but look at your competitors to see what they’re doing right (and, more importantly, where you can improve upon their choices). If several competitors have tried-and-true design decisions, it might not be the best idea to stray from those too much.

Packaging trends shift rapidly, and if you stay on top of them, it will pay dividends. As online shopping has grown in its reach, the need for protective packaging has increased significantly. Customers don’t enjoy feeling like their product could sustain damage in transit, so be careful to watch the trends and keep up with best practices.

Now that you understand some tips for designing your own product packaging, create an eye-catching product that effectively appeals to your target audience!

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