Tips for Creating Your Own Art Exhibition

Written by Felicia Priedel

Being a part of your local art community is a great feeling. You can explore your passions through your medium and interact with other like-minded creators. However, one of the biggest hurdles is bringing your work to the public eye. Many artists may use social media or public events such as flea markets, but we’ve got some helpful tips for creating your own art exhibition that may prove beneficial.

Picking a Theme

Establishing a theme is one of the first steps to take when planning an art exhibit. What type of emotion do you want the works to evoke? Do you want to focus on a particular subject, such as the seasons? Establishing a theme ensures every artist involved in the exhibition can create work to match the show’s concept.

Choosing a Venue

There are many options for choosing a venue. A common but expensive option is renting a gallery space at a museum or other designated building. Many exhibits can occur in community centers or public areas if you go through the proper government channels. One popular option in recent years has been using refurbished shipping containers to host a gallery. These options are typically more cost-effective and easy to set up in different places. However, you may still need the proper permits to abide by local rules.

Raising Awareness

Perhaps the most important tip for creating your own art exhibition is raising public awareness. Many organizers will generate and send out press releases to local newspapers and publications. When promoting an exhibition, you want to let people know what the event is and when and where they can attend. Using other advertising tools like social media or public bulletin spaces is a great way to raise awareness.

Highlighting Your Best Work

Many artists struggle to bring their work to a gallery because they try to bring everything at once, which may muddle the show’s concept. The idea of the exhibition is to raise awareness of your work, but when you establish a theme, spectators may come in with expectations. Bring the work you think best captures your style and matches the tone of the evening. Use the exhibition as an opportunity to meet people and discover your other pieces at a later time.

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