Tips for Correcting Your Dog’s Excessive Chewing

Written by Felicia Priedel

From your favorite pair of shoes to the leg of the kitchen table, some dogs will chew on anything they can find.

Not only does this result in the unnecessary destruction of your belongings, but depending on what they chew, it could even hurt your pup’s health. So, if your dog is a chewer and you’re looking to put a stop to this bad habit before it worsens, it’s crucial that you know what steps to take. These are some important tips for correcting your dog’s excessive chewing so you can reduce property damage and ensure they live a long and healthy life.

Sign Your Dog Up for Obedience Training

Regardless of whether you’re working with a puppy or a grown dog, there’s always a benefit to brushing up on fundamental obedience training. For one, dog training is important for your dog’s development. These classes put them in the mindset to learn, making them more open to your commands. They also provide socialization, activity, and focus. Because of this, giving your dog a strong education is the key to breaking many of their bad habits, such as jumping, barking, and, yes, even chewing.

Reduce the Availability of Your Belongings

In addition to keeping up with their training, it also helps to hide away some of the items your dog commonly chews on. While it’s tedious to put your shoes in a box when you get home or store your jewelry on a higher shelf in your closet, it at least prevents damage. By keeping these items out of your dog’s reach, you’re limiting the number of things they have available to sink their teeth into. This means that you can both protect your possessions and better control what they chew.

Provide Your Dog with Alternatives

After removing some of the problematic items, it’s vital that you replace them with things that your dog can chew on. This includes chew toys, balls, and their favorite bones. In doing this, it’s easier to direct that behavior toward a more positive outlet and reduce their desire to chew on anything else. Providing alternatives is one of the most important tips for correcting your dog’s excessive chewing as it shows your dog that there are things they can and can’t play with. This makes the education process much easier for them to understand.

Increase Walks and Playtimes

You’ll want to increase how often you take your dog for walks or out to play as well. Chewing is a very common behavior among dogs suffering from boredom. With no other way to expend that energy, they turn to chewing as something to work on and focus on their brain. Because of this, it’s crucial that you find other ways to involve their mind. Puzzle toys are a great way to get them thinking. You can also get them burning energy with a slightly longer walk or a game of fetch.

Chewing can drive a wedge between you and your dog, but it doesn’t have to. These tips and tricks can help you manage your dog’s behavior, protect your belongings, and reestablish your bond with them.

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