Tips and Tricks for Planning an Estate Sale

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Have you lost a loved one recently? If so, you might be wondering about their estate and what they left in their will.

Sometimes, though, inherited items are given away, such as jewelry or even a house. These things were priceless at one point, but now that you’re left with a home of nothing but memories, it comes to a point where you don’t know what else to do other than gawk at rooms of familiar things. Family matters the most, and finding the right kind of home for each estate piece, while difficult, is the right thing to do. Here’s a list of tips and tricks for planning an estate sale.

Take Inventory of the Items You Want To Sell

First thing’s first: an estate sale is different from a garage sale. This means some items will be priced higher than others. At this stage, gather everything you’re looking to sell. Don’t hoard certain things. Sweep through the house from top to bottom so you can find and make an inventory of everything you want to sell.

Price Items Strategically

You should price your items carefully. Depending on where you are located, a vintage scarf that’s a high price in the northeastern US may be a lower-valued price in the Midwest. This all depends on where the estate sale is located. Also, be sure to get your higher-priced items appraised.

Get Professional Appraisals for Items of Value

Items that are worth more than a job’s salary should be appraised. This is strongly recommended as many dupes end up sneaking their way into estate sales and depreciate your trust as a seller. A professional appraiser will make sure you don’t underprice items that could be worth more than when your deceased relative bought them.

Decide if Anything Is Worth Fixing

If a piece has a lot of sentimental value, decide if it needs to be fixed or not. Not only will setting your items to be suitable for appeal, but it will start bidding wars. There are many more tips for a successful estate sale that’ll help you out before the selling day.

Storage, Sales, and Advertising

If there are more items than you planned for, store certain items away and only display them on days when you know you’ll have large crowds. Depending on when you will have your estate sale, plan for any terrible weather or hot days. Aside from storage, consider having your estate sales on the weekend, and when advertising, feature the best photos of the best items.

You could even go the route to hire an estate selling company, but if you decide to do it yourself, consider these tips and tricks for planning an estate sale.

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