Tips and Tricks for Decorating Your First Home

Written by Felicia Priedel

Buying a new place creates an exciting page-turner in your life story, but buying your first home is a whole new life chapter, maybe even a sequel. Transform and personalize your new house into a dream home with a little décor and interior styling. Here are some tips and tricks for decorating your first home.

Room by Room Decorating

As you hop into planning and decorating, start with either the kitchen or the bedroom since they play key roles in meeting your needs and require bigger purchases. Like tackling any other major project, breaking up the tasks into smaller sections leads to more success. Sectioning the decorating process by room minimizes overwhelming feelings, simplifies budgeting, and creates a more efficient action plan.

Floor Plan Drawings and Apps

Drawing out your floor plans and room layouts helps you better visualize your space. It maps out what you are working with and provides a different perspective. Whether you hand draw, recreate your home in the Sims, or use an interior design program, recreating your home into a tangible model allows you to plan, test, and move around different designs. Floor plan recreations let you test the waters before committing to any major investments or changes.

Future and Daily Uses

Before you buy anything, envisioning how you want to use a space helps you determine the items you need to get and things that will come in handy later. If you plan on hosting lots of dinners or social events, a small dining table may not be the best choice. Ensuring you equip your dining space with dinner party essentials avoids future mishaps and additional purchases for when the time comes to slip on your hosting apron.

Also, consider the type of lifestyle you live or desire. A lot of the furnishings or decorations you choose will enhance your daily life and comfort levels. Try something different, such as using retaining wall paver stone as an accent wall or a fireplace frame, which can be both inventive and rustic in your house. Matching your home to fit your lifestyle also makes it feel more personal and suited to you and your needs.

Big vs. Small Décor Pieces

Although proceeding in smaller chunks provides a proficient and less overwhelming process, when choosing décor pieces, starting big and working your way to smaller items works better. Knocking out the bigger décor staples, like beds, kitchen appliances, and couches, ensures you secure the major items in your home. Plus, decorating a room with the largest furnishings in place first also helps you maximize and optimize room space.

Minimize potential design disasters or mishaps with these tips and tricks for decorating your first home. Remember to enjoy the process and take as much time as you need. Creating your ideal home doesn’t happen overnight. Sometimes, people don’t fully finish decorating their home until a couple of months into living there. Plus, sometimes spacing out the decoration and designing process saves money and reduces restrictions on budgeting.

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