This Mad Desire breaks free from lockdown with the new single Running Wild Running Free

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This Mad Desire’s new single Running Wild Running Free from the upcoming full-length Open Hearts Open Minds will be available on all streaming platforms and for sale at on May 27, 2022. Written and recorded in Hamilton and Toronto, Canada, during the pandemic, it captures the pent-up frustration of living in lockdown with a catchy, anthemic rock song.

Hamilton-based singer Mackenzie Kristjon co-wrote the song over Zoom with Leon Harrison. Kristjon had met Harrison through Indie Week which then led to songwriting sessions through Leon Harrison’s Mentoring Platform ‘Bandwagon’. Over a number of sessions, the song was workshopped with the aim of strengthening its core authenticity and integrity. Approaching the writing sessions, Kristjon brought in a guitar riff that had a really classic, Stones-y strut, and he and Harrison crafted a song and lyric about defying expectations to achieve true freedom and to not live in an image foisted upon you by others. You create your own destiny!

With lines about how you’re going to “break on through to your new reality,” the song evokes Break On Through by The Doors. “We’ve updated Jim Morrison for the new millennium!” said Harrison.

Icelandic-Canadian Kristjon expressed, “Writing with Leon was a real treat. His Aussie spirit combined well with my Viking attitude!” 

Kristjon recorded basic tracks at home while in lockdown. However, Kristjon and hit producer Mark Zubek (Zedd Records) both became aware that the lockdown was going to partially lift in June 2021 and they would be able to meet in person to complete final production in Toronto.

“Honestly, when I spoke to Mark, I was going to be the first artist to come in to the studio in over a year. I think he and I were almost as excited to get out and see real human beings again as to produce an epic rock song!” said Kristjon.  “It was actually my first time leaving Hamilton since the lockdown had started in 2020. It was beyond exciting!”

Running Wild Running Free indeed!

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