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Third Mate (River Wolf Pack #3) by Rebecca James Blog Tour

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We strive to bring you the latest news with PRIDE. On the Blog today, A Divine Tour Stop for Rebecca James, Third Mate (River Wolf Pack #3). Get all the saucy details here!

Second Alpha brought varied opinions from readers concerning Jax. Some like him and some don’t. Jax is a human, and he didn’t plan on falling for an alpha werewolf, but he did. Much of Second Alpha revolves around the tenuous relationship between David, River’s second in command, and Jax. David has been given the task of being ambassador of the werewolves to the humans. He and Jax take turns spending time in each other’s worlds. Jax has a difficult time adjusting to life on the compound, as the werewolves tend to do things that he has problems with; such as, taking more than one mate, treating sex casually, and staking a claim on an omega by pissing on him. Jax is a natural top who resigned himself to bottoming for David because David’s an alpha. When he finally admits that to David, David insists on bottoming sometimes. The act sends the alpha into a whirlwind of self-doubt, even though David admits he enjoys it. Enjoying it really only makes it worse. There’s really no chance that David could live as an alpha werewolf in the human city, but if Jax would agree to take the bite that would turn him, he could live comfortably among the werewolves.

Only Jax really doesn’t want to do that.

And then there’s Brooks. If there was no Jax, David would almost certainly mate with the beta, Brooks, whom he’d long held an attraction for. In Second Alpha, David and Brooks are both kidnapped, and they become even closer for the experience. Brooks is most certainly in love with David, and Jax knows it.

Excerpt from Third Mate:

Jax stepped into David’s arms, and they shared a long kiss that almost made Jax want to topple back into bed, especially when David wedged his thigh between Jax’s legs, putting pressure in just the right place, hands cupping Jax’s ass.

Jax broke away. “I’m sure River wouldn’t appreciate you being late on his rounds.”

“True.” David stepped back with a sigh and reached up to better smooth his hair before disappearing into the bathroom.

A chilly autumn wind rattled the leaves above the two men as they made their way across the compound and into the woods, heading for the first guard station. The walk was mostly uphill, and the strain on Jax’s thighs made him promise himself to get more exercise in the future. They approached Seth and Brooks, who stood with hands wrapped around cups of steaming coffee. It took Jax a moment to spot the well-camouflaged shack. The first time he’d been there, he’d almost walked right into it. Two of the resident weres, Todd and Matt, were excellent artists, and had painted the small building to blend perfectly with its surroundings. Inside, Jax knew two guards slept in preparation to take over on the next shift.

“Everything good out here?” David asked. As David spoke to the two betas, Jax couldn’t help but watch Brooks’ face. It was obvious the man was deeply in love with David. A couple of months ago, the thought would have driven Jax mad with jealousy, but something had changed. He didn’t know whether he was simply getting used to the way of the werewolves, or if he was just in a better place in his relationship with David, but he no longer felt threatened. It made him look at Brooks through new eyes.

Tall, with bright hazel eyes and sandy blond hair, the beta was good-looking in a way similar to David, although he did not boast the obvious vitality of the alpha. Jax was well aware David had once been attracted to Brooks—probably still was—but to David’s credit, he didn’t let it show.

Jax knew David still held out hope he would take the bite, and although Jax had seriously considered it at one point, lately he found himself moving further from the thought rather than closer. He knew he didn’t want to leave David, but he just couldn’t see himself becoming a werewolf.

On their way to the next guard station, Jax struggled a little to keep up. David took twice as long to tire as Jax did, and Jax didn’t like to appear weak by reminding David to slow down. He puffed along until he got really winded and finally had to reach out and grab David’s arm.

“What?” David turned to look at Jax. “Oh, sorry. I wasn’t thinking.” He motioned for Jax to sit on a fallen log and settled beside him. The sun peaked through the dense foliage, highlighting the gold just beginning to come out in the leaves of some of the trees.

“What are you thinking about so hard?” Jax asked after he’d caught his breath. “You’ve hardly spoken since we left the guard shack.”

David stared out into the forest. “Stone’s been hanging around Brooks, and I don’t like it.”

Jax hadn’t been listening to the conversation at the guard shack. “Why is he doing that?”

“He wants Brooks to mate with him.” Jax made a face. He’d had enough interaction with the big, hirsute alpha to know how unappealing being Stone’s mate would be.

“Brooks can take care of himself, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, maybe.” David shrugged. “I’m just worried that his desire to mate will get in the way.”

“Surely there are plenty of others he can mate rather than settling for that jackass. Hell, Stone already has four mates! What’s he want Brooks for?”

“Because Brooks would make a great addition to his fucking harem, that’s why.” David’s eyes flashed with anger. “I’m afraid Stone’ll convince him somehow.”

“Brooks is smarter than that,” Jax said. He stretched out his legs. “There’s no reason for him to consider it.”

David got to his feet. “Yes, there is. Security. Companionship with the other mates. A child.”

Jax looked up at David. “Would that be worth being married to that bastard? Brooks is hot. He can surely find all that in another mate.”

David raised a brow. “You think Brooks is hot?”

“Of course. Why else would I have been so jealous that the two of you made out?” When David had told Jax that he and Brooks had kissed while being held captive, Jax had seen red.

David laughed. “Yeah, I guess. Maybe I can talk to him. Assure him he has other options.”

“Now, wait a minute.” Jealousy prickled in Jax’s chest. He got to his feet. “I’m not sure that’s a good idea, seeing how Brooks feels about you.”

“I thought we’d settled that.”

“We did, but you don’t have to dangle yourself in the guy’s face. He’s in love with you.” David’s silence made Jax uneasy. “You can at least argue that point.”

“No, I’m pretty sure Brooks is in love with me,” David said. “I’ve told him there’s no hope.”

“And what did he say?” Jax rested his hands on his hips.

David glanced at him before looking off into the woods. “That a man can have more than one mate.”


Title: Third Mate

Author: Rebecca James

Series Title and Number: River Wolf Pack Series, 3

Publisher: JMS Books

Cover Artist: Written Ink Designs

Release Date: July 16th

Heat Level: 5

Pairing: Male/Male and Male/Male/Male

Length: 176 pages

Genre/Tags: poly, contemporary, paranormal (wolf-shifters), M/M and M/M/M romance, paranormal romance

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After the birth of River and Josiah’s twin girls, pack tensions increase. The presence of rogue wolves, females, and humans have many pack members uncomfortable. In exchange for Leo’s help, Stone offers Leo the position of second alpha should Stone succeed in usurping River. Leo’s conflicted between his desire to rise in the pack, his dislike for Stone, and his increasing feelings for both Sam and Foster. Sam and Foster are best friends, but as a coyote shifter, Foster yearns for his true mate and doesn’t believe he will find him if he stays with the werewolves. Jax knows he must make a difficult decision before he’s turned out of the compound. When David finds out Brooks is considering mating Stone, he determines to stop it. The Angel Hills pack offer a deal in exchange for omegas for their pack.



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Meet Rebecca James

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Rebecca James has written all her life, mostly to entertain herself and friends. An English major, she currently writes as a second job but would love to do it full-time. Her first book came out in October of 2015. Since then, she’s written both contemporary and paranormal and hopes to put out a sci-fi book soon.

She’s fortunate to have a husband who supports her in her writing career, three wonderful children, and a rat-terrier.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr



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