Things To Do Around Weybridge

Looking for a quiet but well-located place to spend a weekend away? Think about spending some time in one of the many small towns in the county of Surrey. Weybridge would be a wonderful choice.

There are plenty of things you can do in this part of the world. You are on the doorstep of plenty of attractions, plus transport links to many trips a little further afield. If you’re looking to book some time away – alone or with friends, family, children or a significant other – here are some great reasons to add Weybridge to your list.

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Visit top museums

The Brooklands Museum is one of the most popular museums in Surrey. It’s also the only place in South East England that gives the public access to an example of the iconic Concorde plane. Brooklands first opened in 1907 as a race track and is seen as the birthplace of both motorsport and aviation in Britain. While you’re there, you can explore the Malcolm Campbell workshop and discover great vehicles in its racing car collection. Plane enthusiasts can see the Wellington bomber, once rescued from Loch Ness, and an excellent aircraft collection.

Need time to refuel? Not a problem. You’ll be just a short drive away from the best Sunday lunch Surrey has to offer, so you can fill up in time for your next weekend adventure.

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Be a thrill-seeker

If you like thrills from speed (without cars or planes) then you can take a short drive to one of the nearby theme parks. Chessington World of Adventures can be a great place for you to unwind. It’s one of Britain’s largest theme parks and has many exciting roller coasters and rides. Chessington also has a zoo – it’s how the park started back in 1931 – and includes areas such as a children’s zoo, sea life center and treetop adventure area.

If that’s not enough excitement for you, make your way to Thorpe Park. Derren Brown’s Ghost Train is just one of the attractions you’ll find – a head-spinning ride with thrilling live-action sequences, 4D special effects and grand illusions. Some of the highest and fastest rides in Europe are here, too.

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Take a ferry

Are you happiest when you’re messing about in boats? Since Weybridge is on the River Wey – and you’re not far from the River Thames, either – you can explore some of the waterways in the area. This can include a short trip on the Nauticalia Pedestrian Ferry, which runs between Weybridge and Shepperton.

The ferry runs every 15 minutes on request, and there’s been a ferry at this point for around 500 years. This means that if you’re walking or cycling the Thames Path, you can continue past Shepperton Lock without needing to be diverted from the Wey Navigation.

You’ll surely be inspired by the wonders of Weybridge and beyond. Whether it’s a weekend away or a longer trip, this exciting but part of Surrey will surely keep you entertained.

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Things To Do Around Weybridge

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