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The Worst Behaved Werewolf, by Gillian St. Kevern

The Worst Behaved Werewolf, by Gillian St. Kevern

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Read by Candlelight, Book 8
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Gillian St. Kevern is spending Christmas in her native New Zealand, where the seasonal festivities include pavlovas, walks on the beach, and a distinct lack of sweaters, seasonal or otherwise. She will almost certainly get sunburnt at some stage.

Gillian reads and writes a variety of genres. She’s a huge fan of paranormal with an emphasis on vampires. The third and fourth books in her vampire series, Thorns and Fangs, are due for release in January and February 2018. She also explores Welsh Mythology in the on-going Deep Magic series. In 2018, she plans to explore another beloved genre―vintage mysteries. She loves discovering new books and authors, so please get in touch if you have any good book recommendations to share!
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June 13, 2020
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KU, Mobi
There’s no etiquette guide to lycanthropy.

Passing oneself off as an ordinary member of polite society is harder than simply walking on two legs. Properly brought up gentlemen do not chase cats. They do not smell their peers. They certainly do not consort with mysterious young men who change their shape. So far, Julian is out on all counts. Unless he masters humanity to his father’s satisfaction, he’s looking at a fate worse than death: boarding school.

A trip to Paris offers more than the chance for Julian to improve his cultural knowledge. An old friend, Dawson, is troubled by figures that appear in his paintings and follow him out of them. His tutor, Scott, is acting even more oddly than usual. Worst of all, Julian’s father, Pip, is sent away for his health, leaving stern Lord Cross as the arbitrator of Julian’s fate. As Dawson’s paintings take on a life of their own, Julian’s ability to control his other self is put to the test. But when his family goes missing, he’s going to need more than a knowledge of etiquette to save them.

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Utter Perfection!
 POV: 3rd person

 Coming fresh off a re-read of The Art of Drowning, I have a few questions I hope this book will answer. Did Francis and Scott get together romantically? What is Scott's big secret, and how/why does he believe in the supernatural? And how is my poor baby, Julian, faring?
 If you haven't read The Art of Drowning yet...STOP! Go back, and read it. For one, you're missing out on an amazing story. Secondly, that book introduces Francis and Scott, as well as baby Julian, so you'll need to read it to get a good grasp of their dynamics and history together. As for Pip and Cross, well, to get their *full* story, you'd have to back to Book 1, as every book has an Epilogue featuring the pair.


 The Worst-Behaved Werewolf...is a riot of innocent, child-like Julian, the whimsicality of Pip, the instincts of a wolf, and the light, carefree nature of the artist following his muse. Wrap it up in a gothic mystery, Fairy-folk, the wonder of Paris, and first love, and you have a beautiful, stunning tale of family, friendship and romance.

 I really couldn't have asked for anything more, from Julian's second outing as a boy. To have seen him as a man first, then as a child, is probably the best way to experience Julian. To realise what made him the man he was, and then see it all unfold in real time. I've been promised that Julian will be just as presumptuous as Pip at appearing in other people's stories, and I honestly could be happier.

 When it comes to characters, there has never been one I didn't love and want to see more of. My heart still secretly hankers after another view of Leith, I'd be more than willing to see Scott and Francis get upto no good, the way Patrick and William recently did, and – obviously, as he's my whole heart – I'd never refuse another book for Pip and Cross.

 As the author well knows, by now, (or I hope she does) I am madly, deeply, irrevocably in love with this series, and everyone in it. As a protagonist and the POV choice, Julian was astoundingly wonderful, entertaining, heartwarming. His love for Pip and Cross broke and mended my heart. The way he craved Cross's affection, but basked in Pip's, and the way he so desperately wanted to please them in any way, even if that meant resisting his inner wolf, was just too beautiful for words.


 P.S. If you love Julian as much as I do, and want to see him as an adult getting his own HEA, then read The Well-Dressed Werewolf (Book 3). I promise, you won't regret it. But, I'd also recommend reading ALL the books in the series, because they are just that good.


 Favourite Quotes

 “The moment Pip stepped through the doors into the belly of the train he was gone as completely as if he'd been swallowed up. Julian said nothing, but his heart grieved.”

 “Father, I've got something important to tell you.” He took a deep breath, summoning his courage. “I'm not very good at behaving like a gentleman.”
 Pip's laugh was pure relief. “That's all right, Julian. Neither am I.”
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