The Weirdest Things Carried In a Refrigerated Truck

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Refrigerated vehicles play a vital part in the supply chain. While we may connect them with delivering food to supermarkets and restaurants, they’re also used to transport a surprising variety of products to a wide range of businesses. Look below to discover the weirdest things carried in a refrigerated truck.

Important Pharmaceutical Supplies

You must keep vaccinations and certain other drugs at low temperatures to avoid compromising their integrity and becoming unusable. These industries have their own cold supply chain that makes this possible. Refrigerated trucks allow pharmaceutical manufacturers to keep their medicines at a constant temperature throughout their voyage, regardless of the weather, until they arrive at hospitals, pharmacies, and other locations.

Live Penguins

As a safety measure, zoos transport live penguins in refrigerated trucks. The climate-controlled vehicles resemble the Antarctic conditions in which they originated. Furthermore, there’s a privacy component as they shield the penguins from dealing with people disturbing them out of excitement.

Makeup and Cosmetics

You need to protect cosmetics, fragrances, and other personal care items from spoiling while delivering them from warehouses to retailers. Excessive temperatures can compromise many of the ingredients found in these products. Keeping them cool prevents items such as lipstick from melting as well.

Video Equipment

The type of cameras, sound equipment, recording devices, and other video production equipment used by artists and film studios can be very delicate. Extreme temperatures and humidity can destroy these valuable pieces of equipment that can cost thousands of dollars. Therefore, sometimes the people who own this gear will use refrigerated trucks to keep the devices at a regulated temperature to prevent internal components from being damaged.

Delicious Jams and Jellies

While it’s common knowledge that refrigerated trucks ship food worldwide, you may not know that jams and jellies specifically can take up the whole cabin. When jams and jellies freeze, they can explode, sending shards of glass and goo everywhere. The jelly is delivered securely to the store thanks to climate-controlled vehicles.

The weirdest things carried in a refrigerated truck show the ingenuity of businesses to attack problems head-on. We may not think about how animals get to the zoos or how our toast gets its scrumptious jelly, but it’s all thanks to the hard work of drivers around the globe.

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