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  • The Weeping Statue by Gillian St. Kevern Release Day Review
The Weeping Statue, by Gillian St. Kevern: Release Day Review

The Weeping Statue by Gillian St. Kevern Release Day Review

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Book Series
Read by Candlelight, Book 7
About the Author
Gillian St. Kevern is the author of the Deep Magic series, the Thorns and Fangs series, the For the Love of Christmas series,and standalone novels, The Biggest Scoop and The Wing Commander's Curse. Gillian currently lives in her native New Zealand, but spent eleven years in Japan and has visited over twenty different countries.
As a chronic traveller, Gillian is more interested in journeys than endings, with characters that grow and change to achieve their happy ending. She's not afraid to let her characters make mistakes or take the story in an unexpected direction. Her stories cross genres, time-periods and continents, taking readers along for an unforgettable ride. Both Deep Magic and The Biggest Scoop were nominated for Best LOR story in the 2015 M/M Romance Groups Member's Choice awards. Deep Magic also received nominations in Best Cover, Best Main Character and Best Paranormal, while The Biggest Scoop was nominated for Best Coming of Age. 
Publication Date
October 19, 2019
Available Formats
Kindle, KU
Is Patrick’s faith his salvation—or his doom?

Patrick and Wiremu’s travels through Italy are not going to plan. Brain fever strikes Wiremu, forcing them to take refuge in a small Italian village. The locals are struck by Patrick’s resemblance to Sierra, a woman who died many years ago, letting them stay despite their better judgement. But as Wiremu’s condition worsens, trapping them in the village, Patrick realises their refuge is a deadly prison. Sierra’s spirit seeks revenge for her early death, killing the villagers one by one.

Urbano, the village priest, believes he has the solution to the curse hanging over the town. Patrick can save them all—if he is willing to embrace his faith once again. Patrick fears that revisiting his past will trap him once again in the cycle of fear and denial that made his life a misery, and this time, Wiremu cannot rescue him. As he sinks deeper into darkness, he realises that the only way to break this curse requires him to make an impossible choice: his love or his life.

Editor review

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 POV: 3rd person, one character

 The Weeping Statue is, perhaps, the most disturbing book of the series so far. Not only because of what happens within the pages, but because of how they happen, and the psychological effect it has on both Patrick and Wiremu. This is one experience that has tested them to their limits!

 I'll admit, my main excitement about this was seeing Patrick and Wiremu again. Some of the stories end just when I've fallen in love with the characters and their journeys, so knowing they might appear again for future stories is both a blessing and a curse (for my wallet!). But, no matter how long the wait, I will always be here, waiting to read the next edition, ready and willing to sink back into the lives of Pip and Cross, and their extended chosen-family.

 As always, Patrick and Wiremu were excellent characters. So much older and wiser, in this story, but with the same burdens haunting them. The previous story was told in Wiremu's POV, so I was thrilled that this one was all about Patrick. To see him struggle with his faith, with himself, and his love for Wiremu, was heart-wrenching. But he was strong and he found his place, where he could be true to himself and his feelings, his heart, his faith, and everything that made him who he is. Wiremu's strength, in standing by him, in supporting that journey, was beautiful. Although he had a much smaller part on page, his spirit overshadowed every decision Patrick made, so it felt like they were always in it together, right from the start.

 The gothic mystery aspect was, again, pulled off with astounding talent and credibility. I have never really taken to horror books, because they tend to rely on gore and violence to be frightening. But, the truth is that the thing that scares you the most is what is possible, unknown, and flits about in the shadows. Things are far more terrifying when you can't see them. And that's what this book – and this series – does. It challenges the known world by throwing a touch of paranormal, a touch of the unknown, a touch of what might be possible, into the mix and letting you traverse a psychological tight-rope from beginning to end. Always knowing you might fall off. Always knowing something might be lurking below you, ready to grab hold at the most unexpected moment. That's what makes these books so good. Anything is possible.

 When it comes to the side characters, I loved Mrs Trentini from the start. She was an amazingly strong woman, with a huge burden, but she still found it within herself to be there for Patrick when he was at his most vulnerable. I always suspected there was something not right with the priest and the doctor, but the revelation of the truth of it was a surprise. Antonio was a surprising delight.

 And I got what I was hoping for. Another book – currently untitled – that is all about Scott, Francis, and Julian! I couldn't be happier. Add on that Epilogue about Pip and Cross (and the statue!) and it was perfect. Another resounding success. Especially when Pip got what he wanted, just in a roundabout way. I loved that his suggestion of the hotel led to this, and that it links back to The Haunted Bedchamber, when he admitted he might suggest the hotel in the first place. Those touches are what makes the series so good. The connection, the constant appearance of Pip and Cross in the Epilogues, that tie the series together, and the knowledge that, even unexpectedly, Pip is directing it all from behind the scenes, letting his friends and family explore the paranormal elements of the world.

 The Weeping Statue is another outstanding installment in the Read by Candlelight series. So few authors can manage to write a series where every book is a mark of excellence, every one has intriguing and unique characters that take you on a journey, while maintaining a plot that takes you to the depths of gothic mystery. Each book straddles that unspoken line of shadows that linger between reality and the paranormal. Each book only gets better.


 Favourite Quotes

 ““You were saying?” A smile played around Wiremu’s lips.
Patrick’s cheeks heated. What had they been talking about?
A jarring peel reminded him. “I’m finished with the church.”
Wiremu heaved himself up onto one elbow. “Your faith is such a big part of your life.”
Most of the sheet slipped away, revealing more of his leanly muscled chest. Patrick reached out, pulling away the rest of the sheet. He raked his eyes over Wiremu’s bare skin, relishing every inch of him. “You are my religion now.”
He wanted Wiremu to haul him close and crush their bodies together. Instead Wiremu smirked, scratching his chest. “I have a high opinion of myself, but I wouldn’t go so far as a god.”
“You know what I mean.” His cheeks were now a steady burn. Wiremu’s careless confidence always got him. Heat permeated his veins, body keenly aware of Wiremu’s proximity. He only had to reach out.
Impossible. Why was it so hard to make the first move? “I don’t need faith now I have you.”
Wiremu chuckled, low and deep. Patrick had not thought he could become any more flustered. Wrong. That look, amusement and affection layered with something else, something a lot more primal, left him deliciously exposed. Wiremu was the best kind of danger.”
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