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The UK in a mess

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It horrifies me that the Conservative Government wants to get into bed with the DUP in order to cling onto power.

This is a party that wants to make homosexuality illegal again, wants to ban women from having abortions, wants to ban evolution being taught in schools and has a very questinable past with regard to the Troubles in Ireland.

Are we supposed to feel reassured that this coalition of monsters can negotiate Brexit? For the good of the British people? Can we suppose that this coalition of demons has the interests of the British people at heart?

The Conservatives were quick enough to try and burn The Labour Party with connections to the IRA, and now they are trying to join forces with a homophobic, bigoted terrorist organisation?

It seems to me that we are being bragged out of Europe. I despair at the level our country has fallen, at the sheer narrow mindedness and greed of its ruling classes that leaves us, the normal working class people down on our knees. The world, especially Europe, sits back, laughs, and wrings its hands with glee. Great Britain is no more, and i fear for the future of this once magnificent country.

 – Sean Kerr


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