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The Top 5 Things Every Successful Entrepreneur Does Before Breakfast

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Instead of simply plodding along in a dead end job year after year, the world’s entrepreneurs are changing the global landscape, one great idea after another. But where does their endless fount of creativity come from?

For many, the secret lies in their morning routine. Long before they’ve even had their first cup of coffee, they’ve plotted a course for the day, getting their heads in the game before most of us have gotten out of bed. Whether they’re waking up in San Francisco or Shanghai, here’s how successful entrepreneurs start their days:

Exercise: Exercise is an integral part of any healthy living routine, but it’s particularly crucial for entrepreneurs, who need to get those creative juices flowing well before they hit the office. Fortunately, for those lucky enough to live in luxury buildings like 520 West 28thStreet a fitness center and pool are mere steps away from where you slept.

Meditate: Before you’ve had a single sip of your coffee, most successful entrepreneurs have cleared their mind with meditation. Research published in PLoS One suggests that meditation can improve workplace performance, making it easier for entrepreneurs to make the most of their busy days after they’ve channeled their inner om.

Check their email: The workday doesn’t ever truly stop for entrepreneurs, meaning that before they’ve even had breakfast, they’ve responded to a dozen emails. Between getting back to clients and reaching out to new ones, the average entrepreneur has done a handful of administrative tasks long before the average person has even gotten out of their pajamas.

Read the news: The smartest people in the room are typically the most informed ones, so it probably comes as little surprise that many entrepreneurs start their day by reading the news. By knowing that’s happening in the world before they’ve even had breakfast, they’re giving themselves a major leg up by then time the real workday begins.

Plan their day: Entrepreneurs are among the busiest people out there, so they can’t just leave their day up to fate. A little planning in the morning can go a long way when it comes to getting everything you need to accomplish done, which is why most entrepreneurs start mapping every second of their day long before the average person even wakes up.

If you’re looking to change up your morning routine for the better, take a page from the playbook of one of your favorite entrepreneurs. From the world of tech to the world of high finance, the most successful men and women in the world are making the most of the mornings and living more productive lives for it. What are you waiting for? Start taking charge of your mornings and success might just be in the cards for you, too.


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