The Top 5 Accessories Parents Need for a Beach Trip During COVID-19

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With public spaces opening up once again, many families are eager to get out of the house and enjoy some much-needed sunshine and fresh air. However, with social distancing still a pressing concern, beaches are a great way to enjoy some time outside the house without being elbow-to-elbow with others. So, what do you need to bring with you for your first beach outing while coronavirus is still a concern? We’ve got your perfect packing list right here:

The Petunia Pickle Bottom Inter-Mix System Deluxe Kit: Let’s face it: between the sand and the water, something gets lost on practically every beach trip with kids, whether it’s a pacifier or a pair of goggles. Luckily, with the Petunia Pickle Bottom Inter-Mix System Deluxe, you can safely store all of those essentials in zippered compartments, ensuring that everything stays in its place. It even has an insulated compartment perfect for keeping snacks cool!

Water bottles: It’s important to stay hydrated as the temperature heats up, but with coronavirus looming large, the thought of stepping into a store to buy a bottle of water—or worse yet, using a public water fountain—seems a bit too risky. Before you head out of the house, make sure you’ve got water bottles filled up for the whole crew so you can check that potentially-perilous errand off your list.

Hand sanitizer: We’re still staying away from crowds. We’re still wearing masks (we particularly love the new designs for adults from Petunia Pickle Bottom and the kid’s masks by a budding 14-year-old artist). And yes, we’re still sanitizing our hands a million times a day. Instead of hoping you’ll find a clean enough public restroom to wash off your little ones’ grubby mitts, make sure you’ve got enough sanitizer on you before you hit the beach—and make sure everyone uses it!

Extra-large towels: Even though you’re outdoors at the beach, you’re still going to want to steer clear of anyone you don’t live with and make sure you’re maintaining your personal space—and theirs. By bringing a few extra-large beach towels with you, it’ll be easy to delineate where your patch of beachfront ends and theirs begins—with ample room to spare.

Spray sunscreen: Rub-in sunscreen is messy, it’s time-consuming, and most kids aren’t thrilled about the process. By bringing along a bottle of spray sunscreen, you can protect the whole family from the sun’s harmful UV rays in seconds without a mess on your hands.

Summer is here and it’s time to get back into the world, but it’s important to do so safely. With the right accessories on hand, your next trip to the beach will be an exciting adventure for the whole family—and just what the doctor ordered.

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