The Temple of Heaven by Z. Allora

Greetings and happiness to everyone here at Divine Magazine! Thank you for the opportunity to share a little bit about me, Jordon Davis.  Z. Allora sent me to share Z.’s new release The Temple of Heaven which is my story. (FINALLY!)

Oh, before I forget, Z. wanted me to tell you we were celebrating the blog tour with a giveaway: 3 e-books of The Great Wall, 5 e-books of Finally Fallen and a $20 gift card to Dreamspinner are all up for grabs. (Details about the giveaway are below.)

So, me… where to begin? Originally, I wanted to call this post Boundaries, Brothers & Blowjobs, but Z. said I’d give everyone the wrong idea. Though my brothers are the reason I need to set boundaries but they aren’t involved with me getting blowjobs… Hey wait a minute! They’re the cause of me never getting a blowjob so I think the title would have worked. (Z. I told you!)

Whatever. What do I know? I’m an artist not a word smith. I work in all kinds of medium and I’ve found some commercial success as a manga artist. My career started with me drawing a manga of my oldest brother’s band but I was always drawn to Yaoi  (Hee hee get it?)—wait I think I should back up.

I have two older brothers who are great but are very over protective. Truth be told, I feel like I’m enshrined in a nunnery or in my case a monk-ery… is there such a thing? Oh, I guess the right word is monastery. Though no joke, I think monks have more experience than me.

Anyway, my older brothers basically raised me. They’ve rescued me from both the day to day hijinks and even preventing me from being raped. So owe them everything!

When my mother threw me out Dusty and his fiancé Justin took me in. In retrospect, coming out in front of her church group when I was 16 might not have been the best timing, but I was tired of pretending to be someone I’m not.

I really love and appreciate my brothers. Dusty and Zack adore me, how could they not? They’ve done so much for me and they think know best… and maybe that’s been mostly true in the past. However, now it’s time I became an independent person and not just their little brother.

A big part of my story is learning to set and hold boundaries. Anyway, this scene gives you a good understanding of the relationship I have with my brothers and how holding boundaries won’t be easy.

TempleofHeavenTheFS v13


Exclusive Excerpt from The Temple of Heaven

Chapter 3

Jordon felt restless and constricted. He craved a bit of freedom to do things on his own schedule. To gain liberation, however, he would need to take the right tone in addressing his oldest brother.

He wandered into the kitchen. Both Zack and Dusty were making lunch. “Oh, hey. Those look good. Can you make me one?”

“Of course. Wasn’t sure if you’d be down for lunch; I didn’t want to bother you. Zack was just going to bring one upstairs to you later.” Dusty added more slices of bread to the lineup on the counter. He slapped on cheddar cheese, turkey slices, tomato, and lettuce. On two he put mustard, and for Jordon’s, he put a special sauce Zack found at the deli near his side of town.

Zack rewrapped all the lunch fixings and muttered at the refrigerator’s disorganized state—at least according to Zack’s way of the world. “For clarity’s sake, using the labels I put in the fridge to guide you both to put things back in the right place isn’t harmful to your health… and it might save your life.”

Jordon rolled his eyes at Zack’s threat.

Dusty gave Jordon a small grin and a conspiratorial wink.

Sliding onto the barstool next to Zack’s usual spot, Jordon asked, “You off today?”

Zack continued shuffling things around the refrigerator. “Nah, I’ve got a roadie meeting later this afternoon, but I wanted to stop by to make sure you were packed and ready for Asia.”

“What? Why?” Jordon shouldn’t bother asking. He knew why.

Zack gave up on the organization, and he took his seat. “Um, ’cause I’ve helped you pull your shit together before every single tour.”

“I can pack myself.” He could. He should. He would….

Dusty focused on him. “Have you?”

“No….” Jordon hated to admit he hadn’t even thought about packing. He needed to get better with the details of his life.

“No worries. I’ve got your back.” Zack took out his phone and waved it. “I’ve got your packing list from the last tour right here, with the things you wanted me to make sure you didn’t forget. We’ve got thirteen hours before we head to the airport.”

Well, here was the segue served on a silver platter made of overprotection and micromanagement. Jordon exhaled hard. “I’m totally not ready to go.”

Dusty nodded. “Zack said he’d help you pack, and I’ll take you shopping if you need to pick up anything. Remember, this tour is longer than usual.”

“I know, but I have storyboards due to the publisher. I also have a painting that’s giving me hell, and if I can just focus, I can finish everything if I didn’t have to leave so soon.”

Dusty hesitated in placing the final sandwich on the plate. “What are you saying?”

“Do we have any chips?” Jordon hoped the redirection would give him space to spit out his words.

“I’m not even going to mention there are six open bags of the same kind of chips.” Zack pointed out the epic fail as he foraged through three more cabinets on the potato-chip scavenger hunt. “And two of them don’t have clip closures on them.”

Jordon chuckled. “High crimes and treason. Hey, that’s what happens when you abandon Dusty, Justin, and I to live at Obsessive Compulsives R Us—”

“It’s just wasteful to open so many bags.” He glared at Jordon and Dusty while he condensed the six bags down into one. Then he added a handful of salty crunchy deliciousness to each plate. He clipped the bag with the care of a surgeon and returned the chips to where he designated their spot should be.

“Jordon?” Dusty slid Jordon’s plate in front of him. “What were you saying?”

Shit. Here goes. “Well, I was thinking maybe I could just stay here for a couple of days longer.”

“What? Alone?” Zack’s shock was clear. “You don’t like staying in the house by yourself.”

True. He’d probably lock himself in his bedroom studio before it got dark. Justin had restocked his minifridge with his favorite orange soda and string cheese. He could hole up for a few weeks and be fine. “Look, I need to get over that. Besides, there’s a new alarm system now, so if I hear any noise, I can check the cameras. What, you think I’m going to throw a wild party?”

“No, of course not.” Dusty rooted around the refrigerator and grabbed two Cokes along with Jordon’s Mirinda. He passed the sodas out.

Yeah, why would he? Jordon didn’t have many friends in the area, other than the Dark Angels and his brothers. Between his art and touring with the band, he usually didn’t bother to make time to spend with others except for his bestie.

“Dusty, seriously, I can manage on my own for a couple of days. Besides, my therapist wants me to figure out ways I can be more independent.” He wasn’t playing the therapist card for the win, but she had asked him to work on being more responsible, learning to identify and share his needs with others.

Both Zack and Dusty stared at him in silence. Hmmm, the nervous coiling sensation that made him want to puke must be the discomfort she told him he might experience.

Jordon took a big bite of his sandwich, because hearing himself chew was better than brotherly quiet. The sandwich parted and some of the magic sauce dripped onto his T-shirt. “Argh! Dammit.”

Dusty handed Zack a napkin, and Zack dabbed at the drip. Dusty gave Zack some club soda, and he used it to make the spill vanish. “It shouldn’t stain but I can—”

“This is an example.” Jordon gestured down at his now-clean shirt. This had been the first T-shirt he’d speckled with paint, so he was happy it wasn’t ruined, but that wasn’t the point.

“Of?” Zack scrunched his face and glanced over at Dusty, who seemed to be just as lost.

“I know how to do laundry. I’m not helpless.” Granted, it wasn’t until Dusty’s fiancé had moved in with them and taught him. Justin showed him how to bleach his whites that had faded into that terrible grayish blah color when he tossed everything in together.

“Laundry is a lot different than traveling for almost twenty-four hours to a foreign country by yourself.” Zack paced. “What if something happens before you get on the plane?”

Jordon glared at him. “Zack, I’m twenty years old.”

“You’re too trusting…,” Zack said as if the cryptic code couldn’t be cracked.

“I was sixteen and stupid. Going to meet a stranger off the internet like that… was the dumbest thing I’ve ever done.” A ripple of terror echoed through him as all the horrid possibilities raced through his mind of what might have happened.

“You have no idea.” Zack’s voice broke a little, and pain could be seen in the haunted look in his eyes before he shuttered the expression away behind a glare.

When Jordon had gotten that weird feeling of wrongness and tried to back out of going to the guy’s house, the guy hadn’t taken the change of plans well. Thank God, Zack had followed him. There had been no doubt the man would have done much more than give Jordon a black eye. “I’m grateful you rescued me, but nothing is going to happen.”

“And what if I’m not there, and something happens?” Zack folded his arms.

“If there’s an emergency, I’ll dial 911. I’m capable of staying on my own for two days. I’ve got deadlines and one painting I need to finish before I go or it will never get done.” Being alone might help Jordon focus on his project, and maybe give him time to figure out the changes he needed to make in his life.

His brothers were great and always there as his safety net. Jordon never had to lift a finger. He was grateful he never went without, but maybe that was the problem. They took care of everything, and he’d let them. “It’s just a couple of days.”

Dusty studied him and let out a long exhale. “If you’re sure, I’ll have your ticket changed. You can follow us in two days.”

He saluted Dusty. “Fantastic. Thanks.”

“This is totally a terrible idea, Dust.” Zack could drone on all he wanted; Dusty had the final say.

Jordon couldn’t help but flash Zack a victory smirk as he stole the perfect chip off Zack’s plate.


So, as you can see the gymnastics I feel I need to go through to get a little alone time is crazy. Though to be fair, I have gotten used to being taken care of and I never thought twice about it until recently. To be honest after my mom curbed me, I craved the time and care Dusty and Zack took with me. Somehow it was how they showed me I was loved and wanted. I don’t want to reject that….

But I’m an adult and I need to set some boundaries. Besides I want to be a better man for my future husband… No, I’m not engaged. I don’t even know who he is but I want to be worthy of being in a relationship (cause Z. said blowjobs might be involved. Just kidding… not really but).


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Well, it’s back to the drawing board for me (get it Hee Hee). Let me give you the blurb and Z. Allora’s info.

Thanks for letting me hang with you guys!

Jordon Davis signing off > sending you hugs from Z. Allora

The Temple of Heaven’s Blurb

Music is Tian Di’s life and his love, and he’s made plenty of sacrifices. His career is finally taking off with his band, Made in China, and he’ll continue to put music first… until he meets Jordon. Then insta- lust becomes insta-love and a commitment to the future—no matter how difficult it might be.

Jordon lives in a bubble constructed by his overprotective older brothers, who are so controlling that they’ve kept him from dating. A talented artist, Jordon managed to keep his success with a Japanese manga publisher a secret from his family, but now he fears discovery. It’s easier to let his brothers handle everything, but Jordon has reached his limit. He’s ready to draw some boundaries so he can be his own man and face all the challenges that come with that.

Their families and careers aren’t the only obstacles. Jordon must accept his identity as a gay man who doesn’t top or bottom. Fortunately, Tian Di—and his special talents—help Jordon open up to his sexuality in an erotic adventure that spans Japan and China, and with love, luck, hard work, and open minds, will end in a happily ever after.


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About the Author

Allora never expected to share her words with anyone, but things don’t always work out as planned. Growing up in Upstate NY, she was a tomboy: playing basketball in the park, twirling a rifle in color guard, and in secret she composed stories filled with angst.

She didn’t always believe in romance, although before giving up on it completely, she took out a personal ad in a college newspaper. On October 20th 1987, at 5:08 PM she found what she didn’t think existed, and married her best friend five years later.

A bit of an overachiever, Z. received three Bachelor’s degrees (Psychology, English & Philosophy) and a Master’s degree in Psychology. She loved enhancing the quality of life of people in her residential and day programs, but her love’s job swept Z. overseas to Singapore, Israel and China.

While living in China, she discovered M/M romance and a new world opened. The magic of the genre gave her new insights about herself and those around her. When she saw protests in Malaysia by parents who genuinely believed watching a singer could make their children gay, the ignorance was too staggering to ignore.  No longer content to keep her words to herself, she published her stories hoping to add another voice to foster understanding, and to promote equality.

Allora believes that each of us is wonderfully unique and deserving of a happily ever after.Regardless of where we are in the infinite spectrum of gender identity, orientation, or sexuality our differences and similarities should be both respected and celebrated.

However, Z. will never apologize for having too much yaoified smexy goodness in her books. She teases that plot is simply the words between the sex scenes (though that’s a bit of an exaggeration). Sex is one of our most important and basic forms of communication, and she feels it’s a vital part of understanding her characters.

Allora truly believes this rainbow romance is changing hearts and minds, and will continue to speak out for love for all of us

To contact Z. Allora:

Facebook:  Z Allora Allora 


Dreamspinner Press:

The Temple of Heaven by Z. Allora

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