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The Supposed Drug History of Thomas Cruise Mapother IV

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Three-time Oscar nominee Tom Cruise continues to find success with all of his films, even the most recent The Mummy, which did not meet expectations from critics and American audiences, despite doing the complete opposite internationally.

With a production budget of $125 million, the film has boasted a worldwide box office gross of $295,626,710. That is quite impressive alone since the film has a sixteen percent rating Tomatometer rating and a forty-three percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. Cruise continues to prove people are fascinated by him and want to keep seeing his movies.

However, there have been past allegations of Cruise having a drug history. According to a former Scientologist, Amy Scobee, Cruise has a history of drug abuse. Apparently, he was worried he might be kept out of Scientology because of it. “Your book claims that Mrs. David Miscavige [wife of Scientology leader David Miscavige] said that Mr. Cruise had a ‘Drug History,’” Cruise’s lawyer, Bertram Fields, stated. “This is false. Mr. Cruise has no ‘Drug history whatsoever. He has never used illegal drugs of any kind.” Fields went so far as to threaten Scobee should she publish the book.

“Assuming that you publish these libelous assertions, I have urged Mr. Cruise not to give your book publicity by filing a lawsuit while it is initially on sale, but to wait until later to file an appropriate action for damages,” Fields stated. He added some details about Tom’s love life too beyond his seeming to exhibit signs of crack addiction.

“Another example is the assertion that Mr. Cruise was given an ultimatum to choose between Scientology and Nicole Kidman,” Fields stated. “That too is false. He was given no such ultimatum. Nothing like that occurred; and Scientology had nothing to do with Mr. Cruise’s divorce from Ms. Kidman.” Fields seem pretty angered at Scobee for what she wrote about. However, former senior Church of Scientology executive, Mark Rathbun, backed up what Scobee was saying about his drug history.

“Amy simply recounted a conversation wherein DM’s [David Miscavige] wife and Assistant Shelly Miscavige told Amy that Tom was ‘so gung-ho’ that he wanted to join the Sea Org but he didn’t qualify because of his previous drug history,” Rathbun said. “Bert, you ‘doubt’ Shelly ever said that? Then why not talk to the wife of your client’s best friend and find out?” Rathbun also refuted there were any claims of the breakup with Kidman in the book.

“Amy doesn’t cover it [the breakup] in her book because she did not have any first hand information about the circumstances of their break up,” Rathbun said. Fields even admitted to not having first hand knowledge of the contents with Scobee’s book.

“While I am advised that your book contains these false and defamatory assertions, I have not read it,” Fields confessed. While Cruise often seems to almost show signs of crack addiction, you may wish to avoid any sort of defamatory statements when speaking about someone. However, it seems Fields cannot try to fight any of this because he has no first hand experience of the validity of the testimony within the book.

So, can Fields truly convince us his client doesn’t struggle with signs of crack addiction? That’s an important point to make about Cruise’s backstory. The public already believes certain things about Cruise because of his Scientology. So, it may not surprise people when they hear these types of rumors.

We might never know how true these statements and accusations are.

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