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The Successful Early Years of Shinee

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Shinee is one of the most popular boy bands in all of South Korea. Also known as SHINee, the group has five members: Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho, and Taemin. People have explained that the name of the band means both light and someone who receives light. The band has not only produced some very popular South Korean pop music but has also started fashion trends such as the Shinee trend.

The group debuted in 2008 and its history is interesting. The group came together because S.M. Entertainment wanted to create a contemporary boy band group. The entertainment company wanted to develop a group that would be trendsetters in not only music but in dance and fashion too.

The band’s first CD, Replay, debuted in 2008 and reached number ten on the South Korean music charts. Shinee continued its success in June of the same year by performing in the I Love Korea! 2008 Dream Concert at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. The group also won the Rookie of the Month award at the Cyworld Digital Music Awards the same year. It kept the good vibes going with a Hot New Star award at the MNet’s 20’s Choice Awards. Following its awards, the band began to use that good publicity to its advantage.

Debuting at #3 on South Korean music charts, Shinee released its 2008 album, The Shinee World, five days after it won the Hot New Star award. In September of that year, the band had the chance to announce more news, as it won the Mutizen award for “Sanso Gateun Neo,” a song which debuted at #1 on M! Countdown.

It’s important to remember these were only the early years of the band. It was the beginning of the group, and it has had many successes since then. It’s not only recognition for the band members’ strong talents but also for the entertainment company that helped develop the group.

As of late, Shinee has been expanding its concerts into different parts of the world. It has now held concerts in Japan and Taipei. Their popularity only continues to grow. Time will tell if the group is able to continue its steadfast growth and success.

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