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The Smell of Camellias by Remmy Duchene

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The Smell of Camellias by Remmy Duchene

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About the Author
Remmy Duchene is a Canadian-hockey-watching-baseball-playing kind of guy. He loves walking in the rain and bugging his friends about his latest story ideas. Remmy believes that true love comes in all shapes, sizes, and sexualities. He is always saying "I'd rather see two gay people in love get married than two straight people that hate each other."
Publication Date
June 13, 2017
Available Formats
Broken to be whole...

After a life that had little to be desired, Frank Dunn has a sea of possibilities ahead of him. Young, good-looking, with a kick-ass education and credentials from Cal Tech, Frank is ready to take on the world. When he is offered his dream job, Frank jumps on it even though he has to move to South Korea. Since he has no family except his best friend, staying put is irrelevant.

Sung-Go Hyun is the man when it comes to White Tiger Industries—a multi-billion dollar luxury automotive giant in South Korea. From the outside, people think he has it all, but he knows his struggles and they have left him stoic. When he meets Frank Dunn, they immediately butt heads. Sung-Go is instantly attracted to the brown-eyed devil and he hates that. But since his heart isn’t going to cooperate, Sung-Go decides to go after what he wants. Frank on the other hand wants nothing to do with Sung-Go…or his bed.

Sung-Go isn’t used to such a reaction, but he will have to learn that Frank would rather burn Sung-Go’s world to the ground than submit.

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Very consuming
(Updated: June 16, 2017)
A loooove story....romantic, harsh and so so lovely....
Frank will have a whole new life....a new start....a new job in......South Korea 
He has no bonds where he lives now. He lost his trust in love after something devastating had happened to him...and now he is heading to a whole other continent.
His only/best friend Andy will also leave to live a new life in Japan, so there is nothing to keep him.

Frank had one goal from when he was young and that was to work for White Tiger Industries, he studied his whole life and now he can work as a mechanical engineers at his beloved automotive giant in.....far way South Korea. He even learned the language....

This company paid for everything, a private jet for the journey, a beautiful condo and....his job.

After being welcomed by the big boss his sister Jun Ti he knows he has a friend for life. 
Meeting her brother, his boss, Sung-Go Hyun is something different....He sees a beautiful strong man but his attitude strikes him with anger.


Frank is constantly very irritated by his boss's attitude and it seems they only can fight in each other's company..... 

I loved this excellent story, the writing style, the personalities of Sung-Go and Frank, their backgrounds, the environments, the developing, the friends, the whole story just was.....very consuming.....and great worked out!
There were some unexpected turns I always appreciate in a storyline.

Kindly received an ARC from Pride Publishing
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