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The Shore Thing by A. R. Barley

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Sunburned Delaware native Dale Seward spends his summers wrangling lifeguards and cracking crabs. His winters are a whole lot colder.

 Nico Travelli’s never even seen the ocean, but when his family’s plans for him get derailed, he realizes his future in their upscale Italian restaurants might be over, and it’s time for something new. He’s hypnotized by his first look at the Atlantic—until a wave takes him out. Luckily, Dale’s there to pull him to safety.

Dale knows better than to fall for a summer person, but that doesn’t mean he can’t show Nico a good time. Between the ice cream cones and the put-put golf, these two lonely hearts soon find themselves in over their heads.  

But when Nico is tempted by a second chance at the life he always thought he wanted, will he be brave enough to give it up for the possibility of true love with Dale? And what does the sexy lifeguard do during the winter? In a state as small as Delaware, secrets are bound to come out. 

States of Love: Stories of romance that span every corner of the United States.



Five Things to Do in Delaware

 In The Shore Thing, Delaware native Dale helps newcomer Nico explore the state (falling in love in the process). Here are four things they do together—and one thing they don’t.

 1)      The beach! Dale’s a lifeguard, so of course they go to the beach. If you want to check out a Delaware beach then I recommend the state parks at Cape Henlopen or Fenwick Island. They’re awesome.

2)      Crab feast. Delaware’s not known for its fine cuisine, but there’s nowhere else like it for fresh blue crabs pulled straight from the water, steamed, and heavily spiced. Don’t forget the butter and vinegar! For an old school Delaware experience check out the Fenwick Island crab house.

3)      Explore the rest of the Delmarva peninsula. Delmarva stands for Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia, and Dale’s willing to claim it all from the bright lights of Ocean City to the wild ponies of Assateague.

4)      Mini-golf. There are a lot of mini-golf courses in Delaware, and more than a few in Ocean City. Don’t forget to check out the bumper cars while you’re at it.

5)      Brewery tour! To be clear, they don’t actually do this in the book…. Because I’d never done it. Which was my mistake. Dogfish Head Brewery is located approximately 30 minutes outside of Rehoboth Beach and they’ve got an awesome tour. Find out how the beer is made and sample some of their finest. (Don’t miss out on the nachos at their restaurant either).

 To find out more—and learn the right way to eat a crab—read the book available now!

Author Bio:

A.R. Barley lives in the Motor City with a dog (who’s currently annoying the cat),  cat (who’s doing his best to avoid the dog), and an engineer. She likes hot drinks, hotter novels, and ice cream. She writes seven days a week (when she’s not playing referee to the dog and the cat) and is always happy to hear from readers on Facebook and Twitter. 

She loves the ocean.

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