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The Secret To Knowing Your Personal Style

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It is one of the most overlooked frustrations, but trying to find your own personal style is no easy feat. Yeah, we know, this is one of those trivial things that probably falls into the category labeled ‘first world problems’, but the fact remains: the struggle is real, and we’ve all felt it. We’ve all had mornings where we’ve stared into our packed-to-the-rafter closets and not seen anything we want to wear.

Our advice: know what you like, understand what looks sensational on you and, most importantly, where to shop for your style.

In the grand scheme of things, it may not seem like the most pressing matter. But, looking good goes deeper than three layers of clothes and a touch-up of mascara. It’s what makes us feel good; it’s what gives us the confidence to kick today’s butt and it’s what fills us with the kind of self-esteem that Beyonce always possesses. And it all starts with nailing your personal style.

  1. Find Your Style-spiration

We all have people we would love to dress like; people who just have a knack for knowing what looks good on them and always rocking outfits that fit with their style. It could be Alexa Chung’s hipster-infused androgyny, Adwoa Aboah’s distinctive street-style, or just Ashley Graham’s confidence in knowing how to dress her curves, Whoever it is, make a note of them and then pin images of them to your own Personal Style Inspiration board on Pinterest. What’s you’ve done this, you will start to see which style characteristics you seem to like most.

  1. Toss It All And Start Again

The very idea of cleaning out of your closet is about as brutal as it comes. But it is essential if you want to own a closet where everything fits in with your new personal style. So, go through it all and toss anything you haven’t worn in the past ten to twelve months into a charity pile and then start your rebuilding process. Start refining your wardrobe with pieces that reflect your life and style.

  1. Seek Help And It Will Come

When a bride wants to look a million bucks on her wedding day, she hires a stylist. When someone is worried about their skin or teeth, they go and see a dermatologist or dentist. So, why not do the same thing when it comes to your style? Seriously, don’t be afraid to hire a stylist, no matter what form that may arrive in. It could be as simple as looking at the Ruby Rd clothing styles and seeing what meets your wants, or it could be that you pop into your local department store and ask the sales associates for their expert opinion. The other thing you could do is seek out a tailor. People who look great in clothes do so because they fit them impeccably.

  1. Know Your Life Goals

Without knowing what sort of persona you want to exude onto the world, you can’t possibly know what sort of style is going to suit you. You want a style that’s a cocktail of your personality, your professional ambitions and your lifestyle, and to do this you need to know who you are now and what your long-term goals are. To do this, write down just what your lifestyle entails, what your job demands, who you believe you are and just what you want the future to look like. Know these things – pop them on a mood board – and you’ll know how to dress and accessorize in no time at all.

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