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The Roaring Twenties! Enjoying This Formative Decade While Still Having An Eye On The Future

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Your twenties are your formative years; you’ll learn the habits that last a lifetime at this crucial stage. But the same time, you are, in essence, in a vacuum between childhood and adulthood. As a result, you can make some of the biggest mistakes in your life at this point, but you still need to acquire a sense of momentum in life. A lot of people view their twenties as the time to go out and party! And this is true, but, are there any ways you can enjoy your twenties as best as you can, while still having one eye towards the future?

Getting Some Money Sense

In your twenties, you don’t have many outgoings. You may have debt, but, it’s at this point where you can use the money you earn to have a good time, but also, think about putting a little bit away for the future. You don’t need to put a lot of money away; you just need to know where to put it. On there are some commandments about saving money in your twenties, and it’s worth studying these. Ultimately, you want the money you earn to go towards all the good things in life. By all means you should go out and party, but it’s at this point where your responsibilities in life are so little, that now is the best time to squirrel a small percentage of it away.

Knowing When To Say “No”

We need to go out and have fun, but it pays to have a sensible head on our shoulders. Drinking and driving is still one of the things that are predominantly done by younger people, and while there are DUI lawyers on sites like, it’s still better for you to avoid the temptation for an extra drink if you drive into town. Unfortunately, your drunken friend who hasn’t got a driver’s license can try to talk you into doing anything, but you reserve the right to refuse. It’s important to learn how to say no, especially when it could land you in trouble with the authorities.

Take Every Opportunity You Can

You are at the point where you have no dependents, and you’ve only got to look after yourself. But, we make the mistake of getting into a job that we don’t like, because we need to pay bills. This is the best time in your life to think about your dreams and to capitalize on them. It’s at this point now where you have the energy to do pretty much anything you want, so why shouldn’t you take every opportunity? We can feel that we have to go down one particular path, but this is absolute nonsense. If you don’t follow your dreams now, you never will! So trust your instincts, and if an opportunity presents itself, why shouldn’t you try it?

While people in their twenties are now considered to be “generation sensible”, it’s at this point in your life where you will make the biggest changes for the better, if you let it. And conversely, your twenties is a time for partying and letting your hair down. So who’s to say you can’t do both? You will never have this much freedom ever again, so you should make the most of it.

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