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The Pack Master's Submissive by Kellan Larkin

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About the Author
'm Kellan. I love writing stories about submissive gay guys getting tortured, teased, and pushed to their limits. BDSM is my passion and I enjoy thinking up devious ways to punish and pleasure my characters. In my free time, I enjoy mountain biking, hiking, and trying new restaurants. Sign up for my newsletter to hear about new stories, enter a monthly Amazon gift card giveaway, and get a free book:
73 pages
Content Warning
m/m, shifters (dog), mpreg
“You must wait until you have your master’s permission. If you don’t, you’ll be punished.” Alex is just an average guy trying to get laid.

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different, but very good
I was gifted my copy of this book, direct from the author.

Alex just wanna get laid. What he got was far much more than he bargained for, but it was so much more than he could ever wish for. Being made the packs Omega was a dream for the submissive in Alex. Aiden, Alpha to the pack of dogs, needs Alex close. But when the pack is threatened by another pack, its all paws on deck and Alex is expected to fight for his new life.

Different! And different is always good in my book. I've not read a dog shifter book before, and I really enjoyed this one.

Its only short, about an hour reading time for me, and it does, in places come up lacking with history, background, that sort of thing. Short stories can't give you everything, I know this, but I felt I needed more, about Alex, his life, the pack and mostly, about Aiden.

Because its written in the first person, and is single point of view, we don't get to hear from Aiden, at all. And I wanted to. I wanted to know why Aiden picked Alex, why he bit him, what called Alex to Aiden, that's sort of thing.

Its steamy and sexy, and it has the mpreg element that doesn't pop up very often. I would have liked, again, more about that. We get the pregnancy announced, then baby is born in the epilogue.

I would like to read something longer by this author, to see what they do with more pages.

So, because of those things I needed more of, and the single POV..

4 stars

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