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The Motivational Quotes We Are Sick Of Hearing (That Actually Work)

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It doesn’t seem like a day goes by without us seeing a motivational quote hung up on the wall of a cafe or on our friends Instagram feed. Quotes are something which many people swear by and people will use them as a mantra for their way of life. However, it can be annoying seeing the same old quotes day after day especially when you don’t believe that they will do anything for your life. However, there are a few of those common quotes which you will want to think about again, because they can actually make a huge difference to your life and they could make it better…

Everything happens for a reason

No, you don’t need hearing aid maintenance: you are hearing this right. That famous quote which everyone seems to use as their go-to advice is one you are likely sick of hearing, but it actually makes sense. It’s one of those things we all need to hear at some point in our lives whether you believe in spirituality or not. The idea that everyone happens for a reason gives us the motivation to keep on with our lives and to not let it get us down. It is a great quote for those who are going through a hard time and can make a big difference to their mood.

Live every day like it was your last

This is a quote which is thrown around so easily these days, but it is a quote which you should always remember throughout your life. Living everyday like it was your last is a way of saying don’t waste your time on petty things. Don’t spend your energy and time being in a mood with people, thinking negatively and doing nothing. Love every moment doing what you want to do and you will be happier overall.

Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle

Sick of people putting you down and telling you that you can’t do something? Then you need to learn not to let people dull your sparkle. If you have a dream or a passion in life, don’t let anyone tell you that it is stupid or that you can’t do it. Follow what you want to do with your life because it is YOUR life. It is a great quote to tell ourselves not to let others drag us down.

Act confident and no one will question you

This one is a great one for introverts and people in general really. Whenever you enter a situation that you are new to, you might have a tendency to look nervous and act like you don’t know what you are doing. People will pick up on this fear and they will use it against you. If you can walk into any situation with your head held high and act like you know what you are doing, no one will question your talent. It is a great quote for new jobs or when you move to a new place.

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