The Most Beautiful Islands in Australia You Need to See

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Our world is full of beautiful places and there is no doubt that Australia is one of them. This continent has some of the most interesting and varied landscapes you could imagine, which is why it has become a much-coveted travel destination for people from all over the world. Whether you are looking for an exotic holiday spent on white-sand beaches or the adventurer in you is eager to explore the unbeaten path, you can rest assured you will find what you are looking for in Australia. With over 8,000 islands, though, it might be difficult to decide just where exactly to go. If you are in this dilemma, you have come to the right place, as here are some of the most beautiful islands in Australia you absolutely need to see.

Roam Fraser Island

Just a short drive from Brisbane, you can get on a ferry that will take you to the beautiful Fraser Island. If you’re someone who likes to roam free and discover every corner of their destination themselves, Fraser Island is a great choice for you. This huge island is actually the largest sand island in the world, which means it is the perfect place to enjoy sandy beaches and long walks on the shore. Those who are fans of hiking can choose from lots of walking tracks but what’s even hotter on Fraser Island is exploring things on four wheels. You can go on an amazing 4WD tour and conquer the endless stretches of sand. But that’s not all; Fraser Island is also popular for its eucalypt forests, brimming wildlife, interesting rock formations and beautiful lakes such as Lake McKenzie.

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See quokkas at Rottnest Island

If you are an avid lover of wildlife, Rottnest Island will charm you as it has something truly unique. This small island that is just a short ferry ride from Perth in Western Australia is a real sanctuary thanks to the fact that private cars are not allowed here. As tourists roam the island on foot, they will likely encounter the little marsupials that are somewhat responsible for the name of this island. When Dutch sailors arrived on the island, they thought what they saw were large rats. However, what those animals were, in fact, is quokkas – friendly little creatures that don’t even mind if you snap a selfie with them. Moreover, you can further explore the wildlife by going for a scuba diving session as there are courses available where you can explore amazing sites such as shark caves.

Try wines and cheese on Bruny Island

Next up on our list is Bruny Island, a quaint and beautiful place in the south of Tasmania that is perfect for those looking for a relaxing holiday. Tasmania is famous for its unique wildlife as well as beautiful sceneries, and you can see some of this if you decide to visit this gem of an island at the edge of the Earth. You can look into aircraft charter options to fly to the capital of Tasmania, Hobart, and perhaps spend a day or two there to really soak up the historic air of this old city, and then make your way south and in about an hour, you can be on Bruny Island. You can stroll the rugged coastline that boasts notable spots such as the Neck Lookout, but you should not miss out on some delicious local wines and cheese that this island is famous for either. At the end of the day, make sure to sign up for a tour and watch the little penguins as they return to their burrows.

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Escape the world on Lord Howe Island

A more remote option than the aforementioned ones, Lord Howe Island is the perfect destination for people who love exclusivity and truly untouched landscapes. Located about 600km off the coast of Sydney in the middle of the Tasman Sea, this island is unique in the way that only 400 visitors are allowed on it at a time. This makes the sceneries ever so peaceful and your experience unmatched. The island has some incredible mountain peaks and hiking is a must when you are there. It’s worth breaking a sweat for those breathtaking views that you can get from hundreds of meters above sea level! Just don’t forget to pack appropriate hiking gear.

Explore the wildlife near the Whitsundays

Taking a 180-degree turn and taking a leap back north, for those people whose idea of the perfect holiday is tropical weather and sunny beaches, the Whitsunday Islands might be the right option. This archipelago that consists of 74 islands is undoubtedly one of the most popular island destinations on the east coast of the continent, not only because of the impeccable beauty of these unspoiled paradises but also because the Whitsundays are located right in the Great Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef in the world that boasts incredible marine life. So for those who are interested in the brimming wildlife beneath the waves, the Whitsundays are a safe choice. You will have a hard time choosing just one island to visit and explore out of those 74! Whitsundays Image source

Of course, the list of amazing Australian islands does not end here. Essentially, no matter where you go in Australia, you will not be disappointed by the beauty of its landscapes offer. Be it the aforementioned Rottnest Island or Bruny Island where you can see endemic species or the Whitsundays or Lord Howe Island where you can expect colorful marine life, you will have a unique experience wherever you are headed.

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