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The Mistake by Mandy Swiftson

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All your life you are taught to forgive. It doesn’t matter who or what your beliefs are, even as children we are taught we should forgive.

Is forgiveness ever the wrong thing to do?

What if forgiving someone alters your life in ways you could never imagine?

Is it still the right thing to do?

Surely there must be exceptions to the forgive and forget rule?

One forgiveness.

One mistake.

One life-altering decision.

Which is right? Which is wrong?

Forgiveness or survival?



I am nothing special, I have always liked words and enjoyed playing with them, sometimes in the form of a poem others in the form of a story. It was only during the pandemic of 2020 when the whole of the UK was under strict lockdown that I found my love once again for words. I sat one day and started writing.

It took me on a journey of heartache, pain, tears, and self-discovery. I never in all my wildest dreams expected it to turn out as detailed as it is. But that is the thing with pain you don’t realize how bad it is until you start to explore it.

This very real very true account of not only being the victim (I hate that word so much) of domestic violence but a survivor (much better word), It isn’t pretty, it isn’t a fairy tale. It is harrowing, dark and upsetting.

It has taken me a long and painful journey to be at the point in life where I can discuss what happened to me, and some of that is through this book. I revealed things in there for my readers I have never told anyone before so writing it and sharing it wasn’t easy.

But if I can reach just ONE person and help them then I know all my pain is worth it.

Domestic violence is never OK, someone saying they are sorry does not excuse them.

Abuse takes form in so many different forms, it can be emotional or physical. It can be sexual.

Never is it ok for one person to be abused in any way by someone they love. Not a woman, not a man not a child.






Mandy Swiftson is a married lady, on the higher side of 45, who has lived in Nottingham England (Robin Hood Land) all her life apart from a few years where she moved to the posh Harrogate. She says she isn’t posh and it didn’t work 🙂

She’s a bit like Henry V111 but instead of “divorced beheaded died”  she has alcoholic, psycho and died. So she’s a bit of a serial name changer. She’s married to hubby number 4 but says this time she’s found her soul mate. He is the fish to her chips, the salt to her vinegar, the yin to her yang. Her Dude is her life.

She has an older sister and brother plus an array of nieces and nephews, some blood some adopted, and loves them all. She currently works in a betting shop which whilst she loves it, it can sometimes be stressful.

She’s big, inked, her hair colour changes like the weather (which in England can be four seasons in a day) and she’s in your face loud. She doesn’t do egg shells and she doesn’t do cotton wool.

She’s very much the kind of person who is happy in herself and if someone doesn’t like her they can turn right around and find the door they came through.

She’s have worked hard and shed many tears to be happy in her own skin.



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