The Lightbringer: the fantasy debut novel from Dael Sassoon

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Dael Sassoon announces the release of his debut novel ‘The Lightbringer: Through the Elder Stone’ (published by AuthorHouse UK).

Jason McAnnon never asked to become a Lightbringer. All he wanted was to be a photographer, but sometimes life has bigger plans. The legendary Flare now rushes through his veins, and he is given the chance to save an enchanted world from the ominous grasp of a tyrant — Emperor Darkstrom. Before he can go back home, Jason must embrace his new identity and learn how to control his newfound powers. His path is riddled with enemies, trickery and strange dreams and of faithful companions. Will he come to terms with his new destiny, or will the journey get the better of him?

‘The Lightbringer’ is not only a time-travel fantasy where magic is possible and epic battles happen. It is also an ode to nature, intertwined with elements of magical realism drawn from Viking sagas, Roman mythology and ancient history. At the young age of 15 years old, Sassoon came up with the story by reading myths, legends and fantasy books such as Narnia and Eragon. As Sassoon became a dedicated environmental researcher, he incorporated the experiences from his many travels to remote places into the novel. ‘The Lightbringer’ thus became a novel built on mysticism and the environment.

“Valkadia spread in front of him like a surrealist painting. With the bright moon and the stars shining in the clear skies, laying a blue hue over the landscape, all Jason could think of was Van Gogh’s Starry Night—but this was not a mere oil on canvas. It was real, and it extended before the photographer’s astonished eyes.” (Chapter 26, Rock and Snow).

“Nature isn’t a free-for-all, and there are serious consequences when people exploit it too much,” Sassoon says. “The natural world is itself enchanted, and we must protect it. I would also like readers to learn that it is never too late to help those who need it most, be it less privileged people or other species. We must do what we can to put aside our needs and use our influence for the better of our natural world.”

About the author: Dael Sassoon was born in Switzerland in 1995 and grew up in Milan, Italy. He moved to the UK in 2014 to undertake his studies in geography at The University of Manchester. During his spare time, he is a writer, artist, photographer, bass-slapper and world-traveller, exploring diverse environments, from the depths of the Amazon rainforest to the frozen terrains of Iceland.

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