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The LGBTQ Republican Who Can Explain Them, Who Can Tell You Why? By Christopher Stone

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American Presidential Campaigns are way too long. By the time Election Day arrives on November 8, the 2016 American Presidential campaign will have lasted a whopping six hundred days. Stranger still, each Presidential election brings to light an inexplicable phenomenon: the LGBT Republican.

I call the LGBT Republican inexplicable because I can find no logical reason to account for any member of the LGBT community voting for a political party that is overwhelmingly against marriage equality and virtually all civil rights for LGBT people.

Is it just I, or is there something basically bizarre about voting against your own best interests, as well as those of women, and virtually every other minority group?

Even by the low end of American election standards, the Presidential Election of 2016, has been an on the down low affair. It was birthed in the gutter, and then it quickly went subterranean, descending to the sewers. Before all is said and voted, like the Jules Verne novel, the 2016 Presidential campaign may yet go lower still, reaching the center of the earth.

Mercifully November 8 is less than two weeks away.

A rainbow flag at a Republican event is really an oxymoron.
A rainbow flag at a Republican event is really an oxymoron.

Basically American voters have two parties from which to choose: the Democratic and the Republican. There are other parties, the Libertarian Party, and the Green Party, among them, but neither of them has even come close to winning a Presidential election.

So the voting choices are really two. Republicans are conservative.  They are given to denying the worlds of facts and science. Most deny Climate Change, today’s greatest challenge to civilization’s survival. Republicans claim to want small government, but not as regards women, the LGBT Community, and all other minorities. For all of us, the GOP, or Grand Old Party, promotes legislation aplenty to separate us from our basic human rights.

Republicans perpetually strive to lower taxes for the wealthiest among us, thereby facilitating even greater income inequality than we already have.

As for the other major American political party: the Democrats are progressives; they look forward, and they don’t pine for the so-called “good old days.” Democrats acknowledge and govern in line with the worlds of facts and science. They champion women, LGBT, and all other minorities’ rights. They believe that citizens should be taxed according to their means, and they know that our species is meant to evolve and not regress.

Even so, LGBTQ Republicans walk our country by the tens of thousands.

Some pundits explain the LGBT Republican phenomenon with three little words: “People are strange.” Others pointedly use three alternative words: “People are stupid!”

I concur with both explanations. People are strange. By and large, our species are stupid and gullible – all too willing to embrace ideas from authority figures and politicians with scant examination and evaluation of that for which they stand.

But for me, at least, it takes more than strangeness and gullibility to explain the LGBT Republican.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence would forcibly change your sexual orientation
Indiana Governor Mike Pence would forcibly change your sexual orientation

Were they to look closer, LGBT Republicans would learn that the current Republican Vice President nominee, Mike Pence, advocates and promotes conversion therapy – the abusive “treatment” that supposedly eliminates, or reduces dramatically, the individual’s attraction to same sex partners.”

But horrific conversion therapy is only one item on the Republican Vice-Presidential nominee’s shop of LGBT horrors. In a speech opposing gay marriage, this knuckle dragger warned, “societal collapse was always brought about following an advent of the deterioration of marriage and family.”

But wait – there’s more – much more.

Last year Indiana Governor Pence attracted national attention after he signed a “so-called” religious freedom law that worsens discrimination against our community.

Haven’t heard enough about the Republican nominee for Veep?

Then you should know that Mike Pence has even opposed a law that would prohibit discrimination against LGBT people in the workplace.

And he vehemently fought against the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

So how on earth does one explain an LGBTQ person voting for such a candidate?

One gay Republican put it this way: “Social equality is not as important to me as other things, like limiting the powers of the President or the unelected bureaucrats of the Executive branch.”

Others claim that Marriage Equality was the only “gay rights” issue they care about. Such people see the matter as settled, and they claim, “Gay marriage is unlikely to be rolled back, so I feel comfortable voting for a party with some people who say they want to get rid of gay marriage.”

Do such voters not understand that in doing so they are voting for a party with members who champion the eradication of LGBT people from the face of the earth?

Other LGBTQ Republicans have said that they vote GOP because they want less government. But clearly, as regards the LGBT Community, women, and all other minorities, Republicans are always pushing for more government interference and not less.

Sand Tiger Sharks eat their young.
Sand Tiger Sharks eat their young.

When all is said and done, logically explaining the LGBT Republican phenomenon is akin to explaining why some species eat their young.

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