The journey to ‘Men In Love and at War’ by LJ Collins

As a child I used to get so excited when my mother or big sister took me to the library so I could get some new books to read. My sister used to get me off to sleep many a night reading to me, or making up her own fantastical stories.

As I grew older and my passion for reading developed further, I put the authors on a pedestal because I admired them so much for how they created such wonderful and creative story lines, wove so many plots into it, and created so many wonderful and inspiring characters.

Having spent most of my working career in business, all I was able to do was enjoy their works because the nearest thing I got to writing was a business plan, or report for a board of directors. That was until I moved to Tenerife…

Here I have been inspired by my surroundings, and had the time to reflect on my own experiences, those of others, what is going on around me, and believe that I did have a story to tell, and a book inside me. That first book got me hooked, and now I’m working on my seventh book in the series ‘Men In Love and at War’ (with more planned), so it just goes to show that when you start this journey called life, you never know where your destiny will lead you and when it will happen.

I hope with time you enjoy my books,



It’s not every day a God risks his Godly powers and life to travel to Earth so he can express his undying love for you.

What’s in a dream? Maybe nothing or everything. There’s certainly more to it when the same dream keeps recurring and can’t be ignored. Justin’s best friend Lucas suspects it has something to do with their upcoming holiday to Mykonos. He predicts something strangely wonderful is going to happen to Justin while they are there. But nothing could prepare Justin for what was in store for him.

When The 12 Gods fear that humans have learned to think for themselves, diminishing their Godly powers, four Gods are sent to Earth to find out what is really going on. Hesodo is particularly keen to go, but to accomplish a completely different mission—to find Justin and win him back. When Justin has a tragic accident, there is only one option, which results in Justin finding out more than he bargained for about his past love and history, teaching him that dreams should never be ignored.

About the author

Born and raised in London, Lee worked as a senior management consultant before moving to Tenerife to pursue a more fulfilling life and focus on his writing.   http://www.extasybooks.com/lj-collins/  

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I was born and raised in London where I worked as a senior management consultant. At the age of 35 I moved to Tenerife to pursue a more fulfilling life and focus on my writing.

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