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The Giants and the Tyrants by LJ Collins

How many of you have read articles recently that confirm that conglomerates and pirate down loader’s are breaking the back of small ‘boutique’ publishers and other industries?

I worked for shed loads of global organisations for over 30 years as a management consultant, yet, at the other end of the rainbow, I’ve also had my own small business, so I have experience of both extremes—and I know how extremely hard it is to make a small business work, and the potential financial losses you can endure.

I saw a reassuring message from the owner of our publisher today, confirming that all is well with us, providing us authors continue to provide them with what they consider to be outstanding books for the public to buy and enjoy. A message that gives me and my fellow authors some peace of mind…for now.

What am I driving at here? That I don’t understand the mentality behind piracy and the people that resort to it? If I want to listen to music, I buy it. If I want to watch a film, I go to the movies (or buy it to download), and books are no different. All I’m asking is…would the people that illegally download books, or anything else for that matter, like it if they went to work every day of the week, and at the end of the month didn’t receive a paycheck?

Doesn’t it amount to the same thing? Copyright is there for a reason isn’t it?– to protect artists and it is something to be respected because people like me have invested their life and money in making their art for other peoples’ pleasure and enjoyment.

If people who can’t respect that still want to download illegally, then the next time I ask for, or use their services – I want them for free. (Let’s see how they react to that!)

If I came across somebody who genuinely couldn’t afford to buy a copy of my book, but had a genuine interest in it—then I would encourage them to ask me for one and I’d do my best to let them have one – I would rather that than they steal it from me!

With regards to the conglomerates—they will always be in control, and we all know why…but we can show our support by buying our books, music, films, etc. through our established publishers/promoters, etc. to support smaller businesses…please continue to be one of those treasured and cherished people.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

LJ Collins


[bs-embed url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qo0g6An8XpY”]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qo0g6An8XpY[/bs-embed]

Beyond the magical beauty lies danger and fear, but one cute and determined human is not about to let brawn beat brains and stand in the way of his love, illusion and survival, no matter how barbaric things get.

When the cruise ship Luke Ganes is working on sinks off the coast of South America, he thinks he has met his watery grave. Regaining consciousness, he finds himself in a different world that defies the laws of both nature and gravity. With the help of his saviour, Girufu, he slowly comes to terms with his new environment and learns to love his new home, Mistela. When he hears about the evil Taronas and their quest to slay the Pescamans, he develops a plan to save his newfound friends from their brutal attacks. As time passes, Girufu proves to Luke he is the lover Luke has always been looking for. But when Girufu pushes Luke to the limits of his sexuality, he panics and begins a desperate journey, seeking a way back to Earth. His arch-rival Janus convinces him he can help. Only love and a cunning plan can save him from certain death.

About LJ Collins

Born and raised in London, Lee worked as a senior management consultant before he moved to Tenerife to pursue a more fulfilling life and focus on his writing.


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Written by LJ Author

I was born and raised in London where I worked as a senior management consultant. At the age of 35 I moved to Tenerife to pursue a more fulfilling life and focus on my writing.

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sean Kerr
sean Kerr
4 years ago

excellent article my friend and something that we should all take to heart! i am the same, i buy my books, music and films. If we do not do this, those industries will vanish and we will. e left with nothing . well said Lee xxxx

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