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The Eight Second Cowboy Series by Piper Kay

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Hi everyone, I’m Piper Kay.  I want to thank Divine Magazine, for allowing me the opportunity to do a guest blog to introduce you to my newest releases in the Eight Second Cowboy Series.

First, let me tell you a little bit about me. Total country girl and tomboy, complete with the southern slang and drawl. I’m from Texas, yee-haw, more specifically, from a little town just North of Houston, called Spring. Every year in H-Town, we have the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, and it’s a huge deal, I mean ginormous. You haven’t seen anything until you’ve witness covered wagons and horses tromping down the freeways during their trail ride to this two-week event.  Cowboys and girls come from all around the world to compete in the rodeo sports, not to mention a ton of bands and singers for the entertainment part of the celebration.

Anyway, writing the Eight Second Cowboy Series is something I can relate to because I’ve been to the rodeo about a billion times. I’ve always enjoyed the bull riding competition because it’s got that whole ‘unpredictable’ aspect to it and is awesome to watch. It keeps the adrenaline popping, your heart racing, but has that risk factor in it too. I’ve never been on a bull in my life, but I’ve been chased by a few. My grandparents were ranchers and farmers, so I figured why not just write a story and add in the hottie bull riders, Matt and Lance. And believe me, they are total country boys with the cockiness to back them up. Plus, they’re a bit on the crazy side to mount bulls that outweigh them by two-thousand pounds. Lol.

Here’s a little information about the entire series, as well as each book.

Series blurb: The Rodeo circuit has always been a ‘man’s man’ sport, with Cowboys and bucking broncos, and bulls. it’s every little boy’s dream, including Matt Stephens and Lance Loskey. Both dream of winning the championship and when the two meet up, sparks fly and tempers flare. The two never expected that the passion they have for competition would transfer to the bedroom…

Eight Second Cowboy: Book One: It’s Rodeo Roundup time in Houston. Undefeated bull riding champion, Matt Stevens, runs into longtime nemesis, Lance Loskey. Matt is intense, his focus and drive sustain him, but seeing Lance with his carefree attitude rages a plethora of feelings to the surface. This mellow cowboy is in position for more than just the championship after a freak accident paves Lance’s way. This is an opportunity for bull riding opponents to embrace their destiny. Will they succumb to fate, or will stubborn pride end the 8 second ride in tragedy?

“Can you hang on for the 8 second ride?”


Into the Sunset: Book Two: Matt Stevens has always found it hard to let people in. Ever since he was a child, the only person he’s been able to count on, is his best friend, Mindy. Now, with Lance in his life, he is trying to make it work, especially with the life changing event that is about to take place. However, before that happens, all Matt wants is to retire from the rodeo circuit a champion, with his reputation intact and then ride off into the sunset. Sometimes, the things we want, aren’t really what we need… And sometimes the things we think we need are beyond our grasp…

“Ride the 8 second whirlwind”


How you enjoy their story.

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  1. Valerie Degeorge says

    Love all Piper Kay’s work
    Great story

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